What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

Hey My Beautiful People!!
As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am finally taking a short vacation and I will be travelling in a couple of days. Infact, I may have already started the trip when you will receive this blog post.
Over the years, I have struggled a looottt to decide whether I need something or I simply want something when it came to packing. Various categories of clothes, accessories, beauty items you call it and I would have it in my luggage. It has caused me problems with loss of items, extremely heavy baggage thus, paying for excess. I apologise for this but gradually I have managed to have control over my heart and use my brain, because that’s what I will be needing when becoming a justifiable minimalist traveller.
Today, I will be sharing what I am carrying with me In My Travel Makeup Bag.
Let’s dig in!!

Beginning with eyes;


Rimmel London VolumeFlash ScandalEyes Mascara

Athough the name suggests “volume flash” and “scandal eyes”, it is not as intense and truly could justify with the name if it provided a lot more volume. I like it as it lengthens my lashes and is not very wet. The brush is quite long and wide, may be that allows it to coat the lashes from root to tip evenly which gives more length. This mascara is washable but does not smear with sweat and humidity. It is a perfect everyday mascara that gives decent volume and good length. The black pigment is balanced as in you will get more defined lashes but not dramatically jet black.

Maybelline New York Colossal Volum Express Mascara (Waterproof)
This is one of those mascaras that EVERYONE seems to love. I have been using since it was launched and still need it for that smudge proof lashes for entire day. It gives dramatic volume and intense dark black pigment which I love for occasions as well as for running errands on no makeup days. I do not have curled lashes but lifting the lashes while applying this mascara leaves them curled for whole day. The brush is shorter and less wide than Rimmel one and works as a perfect partner to get length and volume at a very affordable price and same results everytime. It is one of those all time successful mascara formulations for sure.

Tip: I have learnt this trick to layer mascaras. In the past, I use to experience bit of fallout while removing waterproof mascaras. Now, I always coat my lashes with a washable mascara and top it with a waterproof one. This method has worked for me and my lashes do not get effected. I suspect it must be because of the waxes used in waterproof versions that are thick and stick to the lashes.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in NOIR
I discovered this quite late but I am glad I have found it. If you need a true waterproof eyeliner that will leave a thin line in the lash line area even after thorough cleansing, then your search is over. It is very soft, does not cause tugging, allows to create as thin or thick line and looks and feels perfectly creamy. It has not smudged and given me racoon eyes even in the most humid weather. I am not a kajal or eyeliner person simply cause most of them have some issues like being chalky, tugging the skin, breaking of tip often and stinging the eye. I got this one as a free gift with other purchases and I use it everyday. I realised it has a built in sharpener by accident and has a smudger on the other end. All this at such a low cost, there is no reason to not buy it. Comes in variety of shades.

Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal in BLACK
I recently purchased this as like its twin sister, the mascara, it has been loved since it was launched. After gaining my confidence from using the Rimmel eyeliner, I decided to go for this one and so far I like it. It is again a creamy, no tugging and no smearing formula. It is not shimmery and looks natural when applied in a thin line to slightly define the eyes. In general, you will find both the formulas and retractable packaging quite similar except Rimmel one is bit more smooth and with an added bonus of reliable tools. I am carrying this as the Rimmel one has almost been used up.



Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealor in LIGHT
I have combination skin type that is sensitive and acne prone. Using makeup is a very cringeworthy feeling and I am always worried of breaking out. So for my face, I mostly stick to those formulas that are oil free and are not in stick forms. This concealor has been talked about by everyone and with it being so purse friendly and oil free, I couldn’t help but purchase it. I have it in the shade light and once it sets, it just blends with the skin. It has a very light formula and comes with an applicator which is great to use as spot concealor. It never flakes or melts and starts with a medium coverage formula to full coverage. But, it is not for very dark pigmented spots or areas because after a bit of sweating the pigmented area starts to get little visible. I do not want to cover my face with loads of makeup the day long tours can make the products to start melting and it wouldn’t look anywhere close to being perfect. This is one such product that will cover up any imperfections and make the skin look fresh and natural.

L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder In Rosy Vanilla
This is a perfect match for girls who suffer from shine all the time and also the ones who live in very humid weathers. I have been using it for years and I think this is the best among the drugstore compacts. It has very fine texture and feels like second skin. I can always rely on this one because of vast list of shades offered and the super light, buildable and non cakey formula. If you are into light weight, minimal makeup that gives a fresh, even toned and natural looking results, then this powder will be a suitable addition. You guys must be thinking I am going to take an almost empty pan, but I have a fresh backup.


Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Colour In RED LETTER
For those of you who are not aware of this brand, it is a very well known and trustworthy Indian cosmetic brand and is sold in many countries.
My idea of using a red is either going with an orangey one or pink red. Most of the times I find proper blue or blood red too much on me and I keep such shades aside only for occasional applications. I swatched this orange red shade from Lakme and it went really well with my skin tone. It has a coral tone to it, so it is neither an orange nor pink or red. As mentioned, it is a matte formula and I find it goes well with so many of my outfits, so not packing it for my trip was out of question.
It is one of those matte lipsticks that do not set between the lips and cause them to look more flakey. It forms a satin layer on the lips that stays put for many hours and fades leaving behind an even stain.

MAC Lipstick In MEHR 
I had talked about this lipstick here
before and since then I am using it quite frequently. It is a balanced mauvey blue pink and surprisingly looks good on me even without a hint of makeup. The application is very smooth and one stroke gives full coverage with intense colour. Although it is not a powder matte, it stays even after eating and drinking with very little colour transfer. It is not a true matte lipstick so using a bit of powder underneath will really help the lip colour to last an entire day. As I do not want to hoard my lipsticks on my trip, picking up Mehr was another wise decision. A perfect everyday wear shade.

Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lip Colour In ROSY SUNDAY 

This one is very close to my heart. I use it most often than others because of the ways I can use it. It is a pink but with red and little bit if brown undertones and provides full coverage in one swipe. It has more of a matte application than Red Letter but not powdery matte. I have noticed it looks like a pink brown on some but on me it looks more of pink red. I apply it on the apples of my cheeks and it gives me the most natural flush. Many times I just dab it on my lips and blend and that gives the tint look and is not drying as well. If needed I apply a proper full coat and it makes my skin look more alive. I could not help but take it with me.


Clarins Lip Comfort Oil In RED CHERRY 

This is another one from and I have used it in different ways to test it out. Although, the colour is bright cherry red, pigmentation is almost sheer and it has a serum like formula. It does not have any shimmer which is a plus for me in these type of products. The name lip comfort does go parallel with the oil’s perfomance. The brush itself is bulky, thick and soft sponge drenched with the product. The application gives the lips an almost relaxing feel which goes further in actually comforting dry and painful lips. This is a conditioning product and will not repair cracked bleeding lips. The lips feel soft and soothed until the product is on. I find it most useful on matte lipsticks.


NYX Slim Pencil Lip Liner In NUDE PINK

 This is a lovely peachy pink lip liner that works for all skin types. It has a buttery smooth texture and does not cause tugging or pulling during application. It looks matte and sets to a creamy matte finish but is not a true powdery matte lip liner. I do not use lip liners under lipsticks as the process of application is tiresome for me (my apologies). I use this lip liner on its own for subtle makeup look to achieve fresh and natural look. It is not  very long lasting like some other long staying formulas, however, if you drink and snack then the colour will stay put for atleast 4 hours. The shade is a mix of pink, peach and brown so it is a versatile nude lip colour and such shades are difficult to find. A little dab of powder is enough to set it.



Maybelline New York Color Sensational Diamonds EyeShadow in ROSE QUARTZ PINK
I recently got this one because it was on sale and it looks so cute and miniature like. The shades are shimmery, soft and smooth to apply and the pigmentation is very good. I love the pink and bronze one the most and they look so good on their own or when applied together. This one and the other palettes from the range have medium pigmented shades that can be intensified with the use of wet brush. With a little help from base or concealor these last whole day and do not smear.

Maybelline New York Face Studio Contouring Blush In PEACH
If you are a beginner in makeup or love natural, beautifully flushed, slightly highlighted and contoured looks then this palette is for you. I am not much of a highlighter and contour person to be honest, but there is always a time when you should start accepting and learning new things and this palette has given me the opportunity to improve my application technique and yet look subtle but fresh and radiant. Among the three I went for this one as I wanted a neutral contour shade. Pink one is slightly greyish and brown palette looked dark on me. These palettes have highlighters, blushes and contour shades and you can use them individually or together. Like the eyeshadow palette mentioned above, the shades in this V palette are medium pigmented and buildable. The highlighter has fine shimmer which looks great in pictures (without flash).
Make sure your skin is properly moisturised as the contour can tend to set and not blend easily on dry or dehydrated skin.

Maybelline New York Dream Touch Blush In 05

This is a mauvey pink blush with shimmer. It has sheer pigmentation but is easily buildable. I have been using it for years now and the results always make me repurchase. I do not have the patience to apply many different products so multipurpose items are always stashed in my collection. This blush has an air like light weight feel and looks very beautiful on application. I always use clean fingers for this as the warmth of the fingers help blend it effectively. It has never given me an oily look or feel and stays for 6-7 hours in less humid weather. The shimmer gives a highlight that looks very pretty in pictures. Being a lighter and sheer shade this blush will not show up much on darker skin tones.

So, that’s it for today. I know this post was pretty lengthy but I hope you liked reading it. Thank you all for supporting me. Have a wonderful day you all.

Good Luck





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    1. Aww,Thank you!!❤️
      The lip comfort oil is an intriguing product and has the benefit of working like a sheer gloss that conditions as well.. Although a skincare product, I use it mostly on other lip products. And this is pretty much everything that I am using.. anything else and it would just lie in the bottom like a lonely soul. Thank you once again for the lovely comment..xx❤️❤️

  1. That Maybelline and Rimmel liner look really good! Definitely going to need a new pencil liner soon and will check these out. Have a great trip!!! Be safe and have fun!

  2. I hear you! In my situation I end up not bringing anything haha! Lakme rosy sunday looks lovely! And your mascara tip I will definitely try that. I stopped using mascara since it causes a lot fall outs. Great post.

    1. Hahaha!! I wish I had the courage of packing extra light as you do. I use to suffer from fall outs and the fear made me buy only easily washable maacaras. They aren’t as good in keeping the lashes curled for long, plus the sweat and all would cause smearing as well. I hope this tip helps you in some way. Thank you so much for the love😊❤️

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