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Being out of the holiday season and heading to workplaces reminds us of the lazy mornings and the privilige of being up late night without the worry of the morning after. For me December has been more stressful and hectic than enjoyable and I am glad I got to complete certain assignments beforehand.
I have been travelling a bit for work and there are some plans for a short vacation in the near future as well, since I did not have one in quite some time now. I have started carrying around a pouch full of skincare items that can help me prep on the way or I can just pamper myself
while travelling. We all need something to carry around in flights or long travels and today’s post is all about not letting our skincare get hampered because of the hustle and bustle that travelling can lead to.
Being gifted with a complicated skin, I always have a combination of products to cater as per requirement.
Since, this is not a review post I shall be briefly talking you all through the products mentioned. Although, these do not consist of my current skincare routine, I really like using and circulating these with other products. If you want to check out my post about my regular on the go essentials then check it out >>here<<
Let’s get started!!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Travel Size)

Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Yves Rocher Pink Grapefruit Vitamin Face Mist

It does not require any introduction, however I will talk about it just in case if any of you readers are not aware of it. This is a water based cleanser that also works to remove washable makeup and light foundations. It consists of micelles which stick to the grime and sebum and thus aid in cleansing the face effectively. It is very popular and among the first micellar waters to be used and loved worldwide. Since, it is alcohol, paraben and fragrance free even the most sensitive of skins will be happy. Perfect for on the go cleansing.

Yves Rocher Pink Grapefruit Vitamin Face Mist 50ML

I have already spoken about and loved products from this brand>>here<< and adding more to the list does not come as a surprise. This is a grapefuit extract based oil free mist and has skin conditioning ingredients that comfort the skin while giving a burst of freshness. It does not feel greasy on my combination skin. The size is just right to carry around. Paraben and Alcohol free.

Hera Hyaluronic Ampoule (Sample Size)

Hera Hyaluronic Ampoule, A’PIEU Essential Source Pure Bright Micro Cream

This is a thick water based serum that is mainly focused towards a form of Hyaluronic Acid. Niacinamide is also among the chief ingredients which is always a plus. The serum is slightly sticky initially but settles to give a hydrated feel and supple look. I like to pack it on after a hydrating sheet mask especially during long flights or road travels. I did review another product from Hera >>here<< if you want to check it out.

A’PIEU Essential Source Pure Bright Micro Cream (Sample Size)
This is a not a typical brightening cream. Although, it does contain a variety of ingredients beneficial for the skin. I like it as it does not feel greasy on the skin yet providing enough moisture throughout the day. It has a nice fragrance so if you are one of those people who sniff before you buy then give it a try.

Clinique Sculptwear Lift And Contour Serum For Face And Neck (Sample Size)

Clinique Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum. Innisfree Aloe Revital Soothing Gel

I bought this product when it first launched and recently got a sample so I can use it while travelling. I really like using it as a light weight antioxidant and peptide serum. If you are a dry skinned individual then you will need a moisturiser even in summers. It has an interesting feel to it when applied so if you want me to write a full review on it, I will happily do it and I even thought about it a couple of times.

Innisfree Aloe Revital Soothing Gel (Travel Size)
I always carry a small tub of aloe vera gel from various brands. The more concentrated the better is what I prefer. This one from Innisfree is a great product that has 93.6% aloe vera from Jeju along with a few antioxidant ingredients. It feels instantly cooling and absorbs without leaving a sticky feel. If you are not familiar with the properties an aloe vera gel boasts then you will be surprised to know that it is used in majority of products that cater for sun burnt skin, irritated skin, rashes and etc. Always carry an aloe vera gel product. You never know when you may need it.

Avène Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion (Sample Size)

Avène Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion. Ponds Silk Cream

I use it when my skin is feeling oily and irritated and also when I need a clean and matte base before applying makeup. It has an ingredient known to soothe inflammation. A scented water based moisturiser is the term that suits well. It can be used by all skin types except very dry and very sensitive.

Ponds Silk Cream 30ML
Ponds is a classic brand and its cold cream cleanser is still used by many. I wanted to get a small sized and not so very expensive moisturiser to have in my bag. I have not used Ponds in a long time and just stumbled upon this one. For being such a cheap skincare product, it contains some really great ingredients. Its claim of being a light weight version is quite true. It does absorb in a jiffy and leaves a soft feel. If you are on a budget then give this one a go.

Bath & Body Works Snow Kissed Berry Hand Sanitizer

Bath & Body Works Snow Kissed Berry Hand Sanitizer. Innisfree Mini Bamboo Hand Cream

There is nothing major to talk about it. It smells like a nice but slightly warm perfume and looks pretty. So I bought it. hahaha

Innisfree Mini Bamboo Hand Cream 30ML
First of all I would like to clarify that I am not sponsored by Innisfree or sent these products to try out. I just happen to like a lot of their products and purchase them.
Alright, so olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter are majorly found in hand creams. And so many of them are effective. What is the plus point of this particular hand cream is its subtle scent that is not sickly and it absorbs within a matter of seconds, still being moisturising enough. If you have used hemp protectant from The Body Shop, you will know it is quite thick and forms a good enough layer on the skin. This has similar feel but less thick and a nice scent. You will not see or feel an oily residue for sure.

Innisfree Bija and Tea Tree Capsule Recipe Pack

Innisfree Bija and Tea Tree Capsule Recipe Pack

This one is for acne prone skin types or when you experience a breakout. It is a non drying mask that you can wash off after 15-20 minutes. Unlike most masks it does not have clay so you can easily apply it without the worry of how to wash it out. My skin tends to breakout when exposed to pollution and sudden change of temperatures. I use a wet tissue to remove it if I can not access a water source. It can not do miracles in one use but my skin looks little calm and rested. Since it contains lemon oil, I strongly recommend applying a sunscreen afterwards. I would suggest people with very sensitive skin to do a patch test and I myself did it as I do experience irritation after using a leave on/face mask/peel that contains citrus.

Jimmy Choo Perfumed Body Lotion 100ML

Jimmy Choo Perfumed Body Lotion

This lotion came as part of a perfume set I got from Jimmy Choo. I like to use it as the scent is wonderful and since carrying perfume bottles or those glass samples can be risky, I want to have some kind of perfume scent on me. It is lightly moisturising and the initial strong scent subsides after a while leaving a subtle slightly warm and sweet but feminine fragrance that lingers for many hours.

So, there you have it!! I know this post was soooo lengthy and you must be needing a cup of strong caffeine by the end. I hope you found something interesting and got some inspiration for your next travel or on the go skincare bag. Let me know your thoughts!!❤️
Take Care you all and GOOD LUCK😊✨

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  1. You’re page is so beautiful! I love the colors and your pictures. I have the same theme but The Beauty & Food Lab is giving me inspo to take it to the next level! Thank you, great blog!

    1. Aww..That’s so sweet of you!! Thank you so much lovely❤️ I haven’t thought about upgrading the page yet, but I think I should to make the blog page look presentable.. xx❤️

    1. Yup they certainly do which is very addictive!!😍😍 I just make sure to carry samples of only those products which I have used long enough before so I know what to expect. No one wants to experience a strange reaction while in transit.All theexperimental samples are kept for friday nights😄 . Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!! I am glad you liked the content.. What are your favourite korean products? xx❤️

      1. Very true 🙂 I love Hera- using their whitening line- and although there is fragrance the results are quite noticeable for brightening 🙂

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