Top Beauty Products of 2016

Hello My Wonderful Friends!
Happy New Year to Everyone🎉

So, I have been busy doing experimentation with some recipes for family and friends and trying to be a wonderful hostess through new years.
Since, I have also been purging and trying to reorganise everything in my room, I rediscovered some of my top favourite products and there it hit me.
We all use certain products that we love and hate, but there are some we truly adore. So, I will be talking about those can not resist products that I have been loving throughout the year and undoubtedly will repurchase.
Let’s begin,shall we?

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe 125ML 57-58USD/37GBP/2400INR

This product may seem like an unreasonable splurge to some and yes, I agreed with all of them, until I went ahead and purchased. If you have thick frizzy hair that has tendency to weigh down but is in desperate need of moisture then you are no different than me. This serum like oil has been able to help me achieve smoothened, tangle free, 90% less frizzy, and shiny hair everytime I have used it. It is formulated with four types of oils that will provide your hair shine, strength, moisture and humidity defense. I use this elixir as pre treatment, usually 2-3 pumps depending on the weather from mid lengths to tips and leave it for few hours to overnight. During the summers, it tends to be little heavy so I use it pre wash and after shampooing only if I am going to be heat styling my hair. It has lasted me more than a year and I am excited to stock a new glass one.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Lotion 500ML 14USD/10GBP/835INR

I have spoken previously about the dry skin on my body that leads to flaking as well. I was going through a phase where none of my body lotions seemed to be working in the beginning of 2015 when I was not blogging. I wanted to try out some Soap&Glory products and this lotion was a random experimental purchase. Who knew this one could be my saviour!! Although, the skin below the décolletage area is dry, it is not as sensitive as my facial skin, so I was not skeptical about using this fragranced lotion. It has wonderful ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, rosehip seed oil and aloe vera to name a few. On the first use I liked its silkiness and non greasy application. So, I gave it 4 consecutive days and applied it three times a day with no other products used along. The gaps between my hand fingers stopped flaking, the ashy look on my skin disappeared, there was not a white line when I ran a fingernail along my hand and everything felt so soft and supple. It smells lovely and has very fair amount of tint to it. I kinda have to admit that I am a little bored with using the same bottle since it is soo huge and you do not need tons of product. But, with the results this body butter lotion gives, I should not be too picky. I am going to buy a smaller size next as I know I can trust on this one anytime of the day.

Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One 30ML 42USD/37GBP/3500INR 

If you love rose scent in general and can not find a suitable perfume that does not smell too strong or synthetic then you will love this perfume just as much as I do. This was a gift to me in 2014 and I did not want to use it because I felt it will be very sweet and sickly. It has a light floral scent with not much of a fresh feel to it. It is slightly on the sweeter side of floral perfumes but light enough to use throughout the year. It looks beautiful and has a lovely long lasting scent. During winters, it has a great sillage quality and the scent lingers even after washing my clothes. One of the rare good rose smelling fragrances!!

Dr.Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel (Tea Tree) 207ML 8.99USD/12GBP/1060INR

This pick is not a typical beauty product but hey this is a crucial part of all our lives. I have struggled to find good but gentle shaving creams and gels. I have used Dr.Bronner’s products since many years but never thought about trying the shaving gel. All the products are organic certified and cruelty free. Trust me on this, you will not experience any cuts, bumps or redness with this shaving gel. It is a liquid soap like formula that you lather on wet skin.It shaves clean and leaves the area smooth and soothed. The size of the tube ensures it will last for months. There are a variety of fragrances and an unfragranced one.

Lancome Hynose Doll Eyes Mascara 27.50USD/22GBP/1800INR

There are many claims made and loads of mascaras are put out in the market every few months. It is difficult for everyone to be sure if a mascara will work for them beforehand. I am no different and I do not always buy high end mascaras with the fear if they will do nothing for my lashes. I have medium length and decently dense natural lashes, nothing extraordinary there. And, I love mascaras that offer volume, length and dark black lashes. This one here has made my lashes thick, lengthier yet soft to touch. It does not clump and has medium waxy formula that is neither too watery nor thick. The pine tree like brush design makes it very easy to coat inner corner and outer corner lashes. It does not irritate my sensitive eyes. If you love longer, volumised and separated lashes that look natural then give this one a try.

Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 2 14GMS 7USD/4GBP/1050INR

I know..I know, everyone raves about this cult favourite eyeshadow palette. But, what’s in it to not like?? I couldn’t resist talking about it and if you haven’t purchased then please do not look further and go for it. It has all the shimmery shades you will ever need for day to day or party night look. Personally, I am inclined towards warm toned shimmery eyeshadows and this palette fits perfectly. The colour pay off is remarkable without any base and the lasting power is amazing. Iconic 2 is the best palette from the three and will suit on every skin tone. It has a dark black shade which I have used as a soft liner many times. From gold, rose gold, silver, bronze, browns with a highlighter and liner, it is a must for everyone even if they are not a makeup junkie. There are few shades that are not very shimmery and can easily be used to achieve a professional office look.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and Follow Me if you want to be updated of my future posts. I am looking forward to try out newer brands this year so Please suggest me your favourites. Thank you all once again for supporting me!

Take Care and GOOD LUCK..xoxo😊✨

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  1. Oh I had no idea Dr.Bonners made a shave gel – I use their liquid soap to clean my makeup brushes and it works really well!

    I’m hoping to give some Makeup Revolution products a try this year, they’ve just recently expanded into Canada and I’ve heard such good things! 🙂

    1. You definitely shoulc give the shaving gel a try.. It shaves and washes off so well.. Never burns afterwards..You should start with the eyeshados palettes and blush palettes from Makeup Revolution.. They are pigmented, offer wide range of shades and soo affordable!! xx❤️

  2. I love reading these best of lists! Now I want to try the Lancome Hynose Doll Eyes Mascara. Sounds really good. And that Makeup Revolution London Redemption palette looks so good, and is so affordable! Now I am adding it to my list…

  3. I have the Kerastase but for coloured hair, and it works miracles!! I usually have lots of knots in my hair but I put this on after I wash my hair and I can brush my hair without crying! Haha x

      1. You said you have the one for coloured hair then I believe it is a purple or pink bottled one.. because all are elixir ultimes, so it can get little confusing. xx🙂

  4. i love the lancome mascara ! in general lancome mascaras are really so good and they give beautiful volume to the lashes.

    1. I can not agree with you more!! I have used the definicils one as well and it gave me dense but natural looking lashes. I love this doll eyes one as it lengthens and gives flared effect.. Thanks for commenting love ❤️

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