10 Sensible And Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

Hello My Gorgeous Friends!!

With the winter throes comes long nights and dull, gloomy days. Some of us utilise the extreme weathers to put on best outfits and get festive ready while few dreadfully anticipate the coming summers.
The truth of the moment is December is not only the month of Christmas but also the end of the year and many love to celebrate it to the fullest and welcome the next year’s ups and downs with craze and excitement.
So, how do we actually help our skin get festive ready?? We all know harsh weathers, late night parties, alcohol, festive food, popping in a bunch of sweet treats guarantees our health gets affected internally AND EXTERNALLY!!
That means, our skin gets even more compromised leading to dull, grey patches..unexpected breakouts like whiteheads and flaky pimples..(Tell me I am not the only one who knows how dry, flakey pimples look like.)

We do not have to get all confused where to start from..Few changes in your diet and skincare can make a significant difference. Let me share some of the simple steps that I follow to keep skincare woes at bay. A point to remember is if you suffer from major hormonal imbalances that cause fluctuation in your skin then you should rely on medications coupled with the suggested tips in this post.

Let’s begin Girls!!

1. Do not only start your day with warm water, but drink water that is lukewarm atleast 5-6 times a day. This will aid in better digestion and flushing out toxins. Another important way to add fluids and keeping the body hydrated is hot soups with a kick of spice. Spices in moderate amounts are very helpful for our respiratory and digestive systems. Some also boasts proven mild antibiotic like properties.
2. Push your squeaky clean skin mindset aside and welcome hydrated and supple glow. Toss deep cleansing gels to the back of the cabinets and start using gentle face washes right away. This will help your skin in the long run.
3. Invest in lactic acid based exfoliants. These gently exfoliate and bring moisture to the skin without the redness and itchiness.
4. If you are like me and your body can not adjust with daily intake of green tea then there are many other options. Considering colder temperatures and allergies that make the skin sallow, I always keep chamomile and echinacea tea bags. These help with flu like symptoms, are relaxing, anti inflammatory and easy on the stomach.
5. Water infused and humectant rich reams are thick in consistency and sometimes feel heavy on the skin, but adding 2-3 drops of your favourite facial oil will not only allow slippage but also give your skin a very prominent glow. Apply in the night to wake up with your dry patches disappeared.
6. Use a facial sauna/steamer with few drops of lavender or rose oil. The heat and humidity helps to moisten the skin’s surface and these oils help calm and soothe any mild irritation. These oils are also effective on dry skins.
7. Go gentle in treating any breakouts especially papules and pustules. Most of the acne treatments and spot creams have extremely drying effect on the skin. Opt for products containing natural extracts than alcohol based spot treatments. Do not forget to moisturise the effected area after the application of any treatment product.
8. People with oily and acneic skin should be more careful in choosing moisturising products and avoid very common emollients such as cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, soybean oil, etc. For further tips and ingredient advice read my post >>here<<
9. Just like we pre condition our hair before shampooing, an oil massage on the body before showering will leave the skin soft and not at all greasy. Always bathe with warm water and replace the old net loofahs with soft sponges. Dry skin is more vulnerable to any abrasive surfaces leading to unnecessary inflammation.
10. Finally, avoid letting your hair fall on the face all the time. Dry scalps lead to more dandruff and the flakes can cause unexpected clogging of pores.

I hope these tips will help you take better care of your skin and understand its true requirements. For any questions or feedback, PLEASE leave me a comment and I will make sure to reply as soon as possible.
Take Care My Beauties!!
GOOD LUCK..xoxo😊✨

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  1. Yes, I do steam facial in a big bowl of piping hot water under a blanket and I add some drops almond or coconut oil to bring that aroma influencing at the same time as facial

    1. You should try this thing with essential oils.. the relaxing scents with skin benefitting properties.. there is nothing more one can ask more😉Start with 3-4 drops to get your nose adjusted to any new scent.. xx

    1. Yeah.. It works for all skin types with the condition that people with extremely red and blotchy skin should not steam their faces as much as the ones with other skin types..

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