The Body Shop [HAUL]

Hello Everyone!!

As funny as this may sound, I went to the store to check out the festive season launches and ended up buying completely different category of products.

The truth is I did not like this year’s entries except the spiced apple. But, I recently bought a shower gel from bath and body works that smells almost the same. The frosted berries sounded sweet enough for me to pass and vanilla chai is very much like milk tea with vanilla which is a very common drink in my household, so I am not intrigued by its scent. However, the gift sets and offers are great and you should go check those out.

So, now that we are done talking about why I did not purchase the above mentioned products, let’s talk about what I actually got and why!!

Vitamin C Eye Revivor Duo 10ML  18USD/14GBP/1495INR

img_0450May be this one is a new launch or something that never caught my eye. Let me know if this eye product has been in the body shop since quite sometime. This is a roller ball and a cream formula on either sides. I love roller ball eye products and am always looking for a new one to try. Considering that it has Vitamin C and I can use the same product to moisturise and refresh or depuff my eyes, I did not think twice and went for it. I am excited to test this one!

Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash 125ML 16.50USD/7GBP/895INR

img_0449Recently, I have been using milder face washes for two reasons. First one being the sensitivity that the allergy led to my skin and second being the colder days. Since my facial skin type is combination, I feel it needs a break from the richer moisturisers and hydrating cleansers even during winters. So, twice a week I let my skin breathe and I use a deep cleansing product and follow up with a gel cream. I have used the body shop’s seaweed products before but never the face wash and that is why I picked this one up. It is said to contain seaweed from Roaring Water Bay, Ireland and is oil and soap free. So, it is a win win for all the complex skinnned girls.

Moringa Body Sorbet 200ML 14USD/8GBP/795INR

img_7720The body shop sorbets are considered to be the first of its kind and are very popular during summers. However, reapplying body butters or thick lotions every few hours seems a tedious job to me. Due to heavy contact with handwashes and dish washing my hands get flakey and I do suffer from mild to moderate contact dermatitis because of cleansing agents. To avoid that I needed a lightly moisturising product for in between washing and I immediately felt like going for this sorbet. Plus, it smells amazing. It has been moringa seed oil and organic aloe to soothe and hydrate. I would be very happy if this one works for me.

That’s all for today you guys!! I know there are not a lot of products, but I did not wanted to be carried away.

Thank you all for reading !!

Take Care and GOOD LUCK..xoxo😊✨

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