Products I Have Tried And Tested This Month-November

Hello Again Everyone!!
It has been quite a while ago since I last posted and honestly speaking, I have missed publishing.
Bloggers, Youtubers and beauty enthusiasts who love being a part of the online world of beauty are very well aware of one of most common and popular topic, “Monthly Favourites”. I have thought about posting my own favourites every month, but I do not switch things, purchase or come across varied stuff so often to be able to talk about them. So, I decided that I will try and post on a different topic “Products I Have Tried This Month”. It will include the products that I may have recently purchased or tried for sometime and will either involve the products that I love or a combination of both good and bad. The frequency of such posts will be depending on various aspects, so I will update you guys on it.
Having clarified this, let’s not waste much time and get started with today’s post.
Boots Fresh And Nutty Coconut Shampoo 500ML 1.2USD/1GBP/90INR

Boots Fresh and Nutty Coconut Shampoo- Thebeauty&foodlab

I have not purchased a Boots shampoo in a very long time and happen to randomly pick this up while on a recent trip to try a new lip balm which I will be talking about later. This shampoo is indicated for moisturising and smoothening yet giving a fresh lively hair with coconut scent. It has real coconut oil as an ingredient which may explain the natural scent. If you guys have been following me since the beginning, you would know that I love to use different oils on my hair pre shampooing. You can read a little bit about that >>here<<. I have combination hair, and yes, that is a thing. Like our skin being oily and dehydrated at the same time, our hair can have more than one type. I have oily and sensitive scalp and naturally dry lengths. I have not done chemical treatments and use hot tools pretty fairly. Using this shampoo on oiled hair was with a feeling of skepticism. I was worried it would not cleanse well and leave a dirty, greasy type of residue behind. Considering the very very affordable price for such a huge bottle, I did not expect it to have a natural coconut scent. To my surprise, it does. The fragrance is very coconut oil like and is not too sweet. A small amount creates soft, creamy lather and washes off very easily. I did a double rinse under warm water before following up with my conditioner. Initially, I felt like my hair was not thoroughly cleansed. It also felt limp and flat. But, once it dried, my hair looked slightly shiny, less frizzy but also fluffy. There was not a hint of oily residue left behind and my hair was tangle free which happens very rarely. Being said that, I feel this shampoo will not work for very oily hair and may not moisturise very dry hair. Lastly, it can make the roots look flat and little greasy on the second day. This is a suitable option for someone looking to buy an affordable coconut scented shampoo for normal hair. Not going to purchase again.

Boots DermoCare Hydrating Cleansing Gel With Beads 100ML

Boots DermoCare Hydrating Cleansing Gel with Beads- Thebeauty&FoodLab

First of all, I am not sure if this range from Boots is available everywhere. You can search for it on ebay and is available in Thailand from where I purchased on a recent trip. So, I can not provide an accurate price value. This face wash or cleanser is a gel oil free formula that is indicated for all skin types including sensitive. After purchasing, I switched from my Yves Rocher that I talked about >>here<< to this one for use both day and night to test it out. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which I have mentioned a couple of times because of its significant effect on skin. Along with the moisturising baobab, this cleanser also contains a wonderful flower extract that has anti microbial, antioxidant and hydrating properties. The beads are very few in quantity and they will not do anything in terms of scrubbing or exfoliation, but will dissolve while massaging on the skin. I am in love and it does exactly what it says. It creates soft lather that instantly makes my skin soothed and washes off with just few splashes of water. My skin feels thoroughly cleansed and hydrated at the same time, which is very rare with many face washes. It is fragrance free and dermatologist tested. From my experience and great results, I recommend that you should try this range or at least purchase this cleanser.

Soap And Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm 0.28OZ 6.2USD/5GBP/420INR

Soap and Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm-TheBeauty&FoodLab

This is a pink tinted paraben free thick balm that has to be rubbed with fingertips so it can dissolve into an oil before you apply it on your lips. It has an array of moisturising ingredients that can significantly improve the condition of your lips. From argan oil, almond oil, mango butter, shea butter to the infamous rosehip fruit oil, this lip balm will help with chapped lips, cracking and also uneven pigmentation. It is a beeswax based lip balm so vegans will have to pass this one. These ingredients will also provide antioxidant benefit and I am sure none can resist all this with a lovely coconut scent. One tricky part of this lip balm is that it contains menthol that can sting and give discomfort to some. On my lips it was tingly for atleast the first five minutes and faded completely after that. I have noticed the difference in cracking of my lips after a couple of uses. And, trust me, my lips are the worst. They crack throughout the year and I always need something rich to not make the lipstick get all flakey and settle between the furrows. I love how this lip balm sinks in after sometime leaving softened lips.
If you like minty tingly sensations and want more than just moisturisation, then I suggest you try this lip balm. It will last very long.

Boots Reviving Foot Spray 150ML 4USD/3.2GBP/370INR

Boots Reviving Foot Spray-TheBeauty&FoodLab

The only foot spray I loved was The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Spray until I found this little gem. It is soo much better than the former and I am surprised I did not find it earlier. It has an attractive packaging and the size is also larger than The Body Sbop one. Foot sprays are actually quite underestimated but really efficient. They help cool the feet, prevent odour, provide anti fungal and anti microbial benefits. Boots foot spray contains witch hazel, cypress and mint extracts. Witch hazel has astringent, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties, mint has soothing, relaxing and cooling benefits while cypress along with its lime like scent has anti septic, clarifying and deodorising properties to name a few. These are essential to prevent fungal growth which is very common if one is not particular about their feet hygiene. Excessive sweating, outdoor activities, closed footwear, high heels that can cause discomfort, irritation and strain on the feet can be relieved to some extent with the use of foot sprays and I am in love. I spray not more than 3-4 spritzes on each foot before wearing footwear and also in the night before bed. It immediately cools the skin and gives a very relaxing feel. Does not form a film or give a dirty feel even after few hours.

That’s all for today and thank you so much for reading and supporting me!!

Take Care you guys and GOOD LUCK..💕😊

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      1. Thank you for the suggestion hon!! I truly agree with you! I actually have used two tubes of the Elizabeth Arden one, but my lips looked and felt the same after cleansing. Since then I realised I have to use lip balms that contain rich oils and my newly found one has helped so much with the cracking. On the contrary, my Mum still finds the former better than anything else. xx💕

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