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So, after my experience with Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser >>here<< and my mixed opinions about it, I wanted to explore more from one of the highly trusted and popular dermo cosmetic french brands. I purchased not one but two products and today I will be reviewing those for you and sharing my personal experience as usual.

I have combination skin that has a mind of its own and sometimes feels oily even in winters. But, it also gets dehydrated due to lower temperatures. I may or may not need a “proper” cream but my skin requires a hydrating serum throughout the year. So, I always reach out for test worthy serums and gel creams that promise hydration without making the skin oily. In my previous posts, I had spoken about wanting to include few more products for my winter skincare, so it was the right time to test these out.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum


This is Vichy’s star product and it is widely known for its ability to provide and maintain hydration. Along with every Vichy product, this serum also contains thermal spring water that is raved about throughout the world. For those of you who do not know what exactly does thermal spring water mean, these waters flow from thermal springs and are naturally rich in salts, minerals and trace elements. Europe has been researching and utilising the efficacy since many many years. These waters have known to be so potent and healing that not only for skincare but these are used for many health conditions in european med spas and medical centers.

I do not always talk about the packaging of the products, however, I love the glass like bottle of this serum. The soothing blue colour and the transparency gives it a look of a luxury product.
Again, this is a PARABEN FREE formula, is suitable for sensitive and other skin types as well.
It has a pump dispenser which makes it hygienic and maintains the ingredient’s efficacy intact. It comes in a 30 ML bottle and is priced at 36USD/22.50GBP/1800INR. Whether the cost is appreciable or unjustifiable depends on how it works on your skin. So, for now I will not make any comments about the price tag.
The serum has a good amount of fragrance and it smells divine. If you are not into scented skin care products or have extremely sensitised skin, then test this out beforehand. The best description I can give about its consistency and feel is that it is somewhat milky gel that spreads to a transparent watery emulsion. It feels a little bit sticky to touch but absorbs in a jiffy leaving behind a non greasy dewy look. If you have used K-Beauty essences then you can relate their viscosity and intial feel.
The formula is very basic but includes ingredients that that can provide hydration to oily and breakout prone skins. Along with thermal spring water, the main ingredients to note are glycerin and hyaluronic acid. If used in higher concentrations, glycerin can form an invisible coat on the skin and protect it from getting dehydrated further. Hyaluronic acid provides oil free moisture and is one of the best ingredients in skincare industry. Both the ingredients work by absorbing the moisture and locking it into the skin. There is also a small amount of algae extract which is known to give skin supple and healthy look. It also boasts antioxidant properties.
I have been using this serum for a week in my night time routine. One pump is adequate to spread the product on the face and neck. As serums are concentrated, I do not feel like one has to use ample amount to make them work efficiently. I must admit, it does help with dehydration from the very first use. It claims to provide hydration for 48 Hrs, I do not know about that, but my skin definitely feels and looks healthy even after washing my face in the morning. Previously, I spoke about Olay Moisturising Cream  >>here<< that I started using for winters. It was helping with dryness associated with cold and dry weather but my skin still looked dehydrated. After trying Vichy’s hydration serum, I have noticed some difference already and I will continue to use it. Another factor to consider is, this serum will not be enough for very dry skin types. It can be used as a light weight moisturiser during summers. Other claims made by Vichy are plumped volumes, smoothed features, fresh and radiant complexion. It does not make the skin plump nor does it provide any brightening effect. In brief, it helps the skin to look fresh by improving the dry, scaly patches gently which in turn gives subtle smoothened appearance. Not to forget, with the effect it has made on my skin and the quantity I need per use, I find this serum not at all overpriced.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Light Cream


As the name indicates, it is from the similar range as the serum above. I hardly buy products from the similar brands or collections all at once, but I just felt like breaking the rule this time. As this is a cream, we expect it to be richer than its serum counterpart, and it definitely is, despite being a lighter version. I was glad to find out a travel sized cream being sold and immediately went for it than the full sized version.
It comes in a glass like tub and is priced at 23USD/15GBP/1500INR for 50ML tub. This cream is indicated for normal and combination skin types and is PARABEN FREE.
The first thing anyone will notice is its scent. It is stronger than the serum and is a bummer for me, atleast. I love the scent but the concentration is really high. It looks white but spreads to a transparent gel like consistency. On top of the serum it feels heavy during day time. So, I will not be using it during summers. It contains the similar notifiable ingredients as the hydration serum except for addition of thickeners and alcohol. To be honest, I am stunned with this product being suggested as a suitable option for sensitive skin. With the presence of alcohol and strong fragrance, I do not advice this cream for compromised skin. I am not preaching or claiming to be a cosmetic chemist, but this cream does have ingredients that are best avoided for very sensitive skins.
Talking about its hydrating efficacy, I feel it is an average option. Because of its ability to feel greasy when combined with skin’s natural oils and perspiration, I do not suggest this during summers, especially for oily skinned individuals. One great thing I noticed that this cream works great as a primer. It will not give a flat look and will help to achieve a dewy supple face for those of you like to avoid matte makeup. The price is OK but since it does not give me the desired results, I will use it few times a week as a night masque until I am done using up the tub.

If asked to choose my favourite among the two, then I will definitely go with the serum. It feels light weight, can be used as a day time moisturiser during summers, has subtle fragrance comparatively, provides enough hydration and comes in a pump dispenser.

Should you purchase the serum reviewed today?
Yes. If you have combination skin that needs extra hydration without the oiliness, then the serum is worth a try.

Should you purchase the cream reviewed today?
Yes, if you like fragranced products and have dry skin that is not sensitive.
No, if you have combination skin that gets sensitised from fragrances and alcohol.

Will I repurchase any of the products?
Yes, I will keep a bottle of the hydration serum until I find something as light weight but better in terms of formulation.

That’s it for today my beauties! Thank you so much for reading and I will see you all very soon.
Finally, do let me know if you have used any of these products. Also, suggest me your favourite hydrating serum and cream.

Take Care & GOOD LUCK…xoxo💕✨


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