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As you all know, today’s product under scrutiny is Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser. A soap free, alcohol free, PARABEN free and PH balanced award winning cleanser. I am pretty much sure you have heard about and also probably use Micellar waters- cleansers and makeup removers that require no rinsing afterwards. This cleanser is just like that, a no rinse formula made specifically for intolerant skin types.






This is first and foremost a non foaming cleanser which can also be used as a gentle makeup remover. It is a milky solution in liquid form with a faint scent of baby lotion that is very soothing.

Vichy claims to offer this cleanser as a source to remove makeup and cleanse the skin without pulling or irritating and leaving behind a soft, hydrated and soothed skin.

If you have read my previous post on my skin allergy here you will expect and understand why I am talking about this product today.
Before the allergic reaction, I was using either Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Micellar Water here or Olive Real Cleansing Oil that I reviewed here to remove makeup.
The aftermath of the allergy was that my skin felt more sensitised than usual and the Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil was causing a burning sensation. I know it is because of the citrus ingredients that are acidic in nature, yet I did not expect my skin to respond in such a manner because it showed no such signs of sensitisation from the oil before the urticaria.
I knew I had to switch my makeup remover at least for sometime now because it feels drier than usual and I stumbled upon on this milk cleanser from Vichy. And with the weather getting drier which consequently makes the skin parched and depleted in moisture, I thought this is the right time to review this cleanser for you all.

I had stopped applying makeup until four days ago when I had to attend an important meeting and as I always double cleanse, so had to pick a suitable option. To be frank, this cleanser from Vichy was a quick buy after reading that it is non greasy and suited for sensitive skin.
The consistency is liquid and spreads very easily. It feels like you are massaging a smooth lotion that has a luxuriously creamy feel. As claimed, it certainly does not feel greasy yet melts into the skin very quickly. The mild scent is very soothing and adds to the whole relaxing process of finally taking the makeup off before bed and transitioning into the cozy, sleepy mode.
The major difference I noticed between most cleansing oils and this cleanser is the process of removing makeup. When using a cleansing oil, the makeup melts and slides off easily with few splashes of warm water and the left over can be taken off with a wash cloth. For example, you may recall that I mentioned how the Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil turns slightly milky and starts emulsifying when I wet and massage my face with water. On the contrary, when using Vichy’s cleanser, the makeup did melt easily and quickly but the mixture of cleanser and makeup formed a film on the skin that could only come off after wiping with a warm wash cloth.

In the picture below, I swatched ( L to R) my usual eyeshadow, washable eye liner, blush, clinique stay matte oil free makeup and a loreal lipstick. Horizontally, I swatched my loreal compact.


You can see that the eyeliner and the blush does not entirely dissolve after massaging the cleanser on the skin, yet all the product swatches come off easily with a single swipe of warm cotton pad as shown in the second picture.




The reason behind this is the absence of conventional cleansing agents. These cleansing agents help to emulsify the makeup and impurities on the skin’s surface with the water that aids in faster cleansing with very little to no residue.

Since, Vichy has intended this cleanser to work as gently as possible, the formulation is completely soap free and has lubricants and moisturising ingredients to leave a non greasy but a nourishing film. After using it the very first time I realised that it will not work for oily skinned people. The inclusion of Shea Butter does provide a good moisturising and antioxidant factor if you do not use another cleanser or face wash along with it. I tried using it alone and also with another cleanser. Unsurprisingly, when followed with my regular face wash the slight residue was washed off, however, my skin still felt soft afterwards.

However, I found it to be less effective on my waterproof mascara, my favourite oil cleanser that also takes off waterproof makeup and honestly speaking, I mostly prefer to use a separate eye makeup remover, my picks are from INNISFREE  and GARNIER because I do not like to rub my eyes and induce irritation. I say this as I have tried using many balms, oils, micellar waters but a good waterproof mascara never comes off 100% without a bi phased formula. You can of course try “scrubbing” the skin with oils and balms and I am sure that will take off even the last bit of mascara or any other waterproof makeup product, but I would not suggest doing so.

In terms of removing heavy duty makeup, I doubt this will be capable of working like other cleansers.
As far as claiming to be a milder option, it definitely ticks all the boxes. It does not irritate the eyes or cause cloudiness. The rough texture, flakes of dead skin, redness and other issues associated with very dry and sensitive skin were suppressed after using it. The skin did not feel as stretchy, raw and lifeless. As I said, it made my skin feel soft even after using a face wash as a second cleanse, the next morning my skin felt and looked quite healthy and supple.
As the ingredient list is kept to minimal and this is a cleanser, there is not much to say further except that it is one of the best options for compromised skin that can not tolerate conventional cleansers.

Should you purchase it?
If you have dry skin or suffer from sensitivity and need a cleanser that does not feel heavy and moisturises your skin with a non greasy film, then you should definitely go for it.

Effective as All In One makeup remover?
Due to its mild formula, it will not work to remove a full face of heavy makeup unless used as a part of a DOUBLE CLEANSE.

A truly 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser, as claimed?
Not really..I could say yes, ONLY if you are wearing minimal makeup and have dry, sensitive skin that needs extra moisture and gets irritated by most cleansers.

Would I repurchase it?
No, unless if I ever go through a skin allergy problem again.

I hope this review was helpful enough for you to make an informed decision about including it in your skincare routine or not. If you have any questions regarding this post or any suggestions for a product review, then feel free to let me know.

What is your current favourite makeup remover? Any suggestions for an effective cleanser for sensitive skin?

Also check out my current skincare routine with all product details.

Thank you so much for reading.











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  1. By swatches it seems that it cleanses really well but as you said it won’t work that well with full face makeup. Also its mostly for dry skin so I will give this a pass.
    You have reviewed it really well 🙂

    1. The swatches are of my regular makeup products that are not waterproof..And this one will work well on them..But, if you use heavy foundations and layers of eye makeup with waterproof eyeliners and mascara, then you will have to go through several steps until you completely find your face makeup free..Which is why I mentioned that if you wear minimal makeup and have skin that is on the dry side, then you should give this one a go, because it is very mild..I hope you are not confused anymore huni..If anything, do let me know😚 And thank you for the appreciation!! xx

      1. Yes babe..I got that. I am currently using makeup on the heavier and layers side 😛 😛 which is why I thought I should give it a skip. I guess my comment was a little confusing but thanks so much for taking the pain to write everything again 😀

      2. Hey..It’s not a problem, alright😚 After all the discussion was about my post, so it is my responsibility…Yeah and since your skin is not dry, you should definitely pass it..A micellar water and The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil would be great if you use a face wash afterwards!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sangeetha…It is very satisfying to know that the readers are able to connect with my blog posts and find something uesful out of them!! I love your comments as always😚 I will try Lancome next time for sure,Thanks for the suggestion dear! xoxo😚

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