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With cooler season almost hitting us, we all have started to change a lot of things, beauty wise, fashion wise and many even diet wise.
In my last post, I shared with you guys my this season’s favourite choice of perfumes. And as I mentioned that I have changed few things in my skincare routine, today as expected, I will be talking about some of the products that I have introduced. Some have replaced my summer skincare products and some I use as supplementary to provide the moisture which summer suited products can not offer.

Let’s get started, shall we??


Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Micellar Water 2 in 1 200ML


Unlike the norm, I decided to take a plunge and explore more varieties in Micellar Waters range. I have recently been acquainted to this brand by accident and since have used couple of their products. Yves Rocher is a french brand that practices sustainable resourcing and manufacturing processes. They have a wide range of products to choose from in skincare, haircare and even fragrances. Most of their products are paraben free and have natural ingredients. Their formulations are simple, effective and suited for all skin types, including sensitive. The Hydra Vegetal range of Micellar Water is suited to normal and combination skin types, which is why this was my choice. I have to admit that it can easily replace Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water. It never irritates or leaves a greasy film and cleanses with one swipe, except for long stay formulations and waterproof ones, similar to the Bioderma one.

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Refreshing Cleansing Gel 125ML


Since I already purchased the Micellar Water, I thought of giving their face wash a try. Again, this is for normal to combination skin types and it works just as claimed. It does not foam as much like conventional face washes, so you might get anxious, but it cleanses really well and makes your skin feel refreshed and smooth. It never gives me a dry, stretchy feel afterwards and smell very faintly of cucumbers and aloe. It gives just the right amount of hydration my skin needs, but is a little gentle to take makeup off, if you do not like to use seperate makeup remover.

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist 80ML


This one was one of the purchases from my last Innisfree shopping which also included the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask reviewed here CLICK . Until last year I was not a huge fan of hydrating waters, mists etc, except hydrosols. They either made my skin irritated due to heavy concentration of citrus oils or made my skin greasy with the presence of thick slip agents. But, once I discovered the thermal spring waters and Caudalie grape water, there was no looking back. So, I sprayed the Innisfree one in the store and actually went about shopping for a couple of hours to check how it feels afterwards. My skin was not as dehydrated as it can get after sweating and then the air conditioning and I did not have any greasy film, neither did I feel the oiliness on touch. Of course, I bought it and I love the refreshing and hydrating feel it gives me anytime of the day, especially with the changing season and the weather getting drier. I spray it twice after cleansing and before other products and also carry it along when I am outdoors for a generous spritz. It contains 90% of jeju thermal water which is rich in minerals and has healing properties. I also like that it has green tea and orchid extracts like many other Innisfree products for antioxidant boost.

Olay Moisturising Cream 50G


I have purchased this cream for the first time despite retrospecting about trying it out since many years. There is nothing major going on with the ingredients in this moisturiser, but if you are like me and can not ever find a light weight, non greasy cream that is moisturising enough during colder months, then this Olay one will not disappoint. Even though it is a cream and looks quite rich in the tub, it absorbs very quickly and does not leave behind a greasy residue. It softens the skin and gives a supple look. I use this as the finishing step every morning and night and have noticed that the dry flakes around my mouth and side lock area of my cheeks have almost disappeared. 

L’ORÉAL HydraFresh Night Mask-In Jelly 50ML


I purchased it for the summers to give my skin a moisture kick when my skin felt irritated and dehydrated from sun exposure. However, after applying it in the night and finding my skin little greasy and oily the next morning, I felt this mask will suit best during colder months. I use it twice to thrice a week depending on my skin and the amount of time I have before hititng the bed. Even though it is a watery jelly, it packs a good punch of hydration and the skin feels and looks rested and calm. I have noticed it works in reducing the redness after sun exposure(not sun burn). I rarely use alcohol based products, but this was a blind buy and fortunately it has never made my skin itchy, flakey or bumpy which is common if your skin can not tolerate alcohol based products. It has French Spa Water (rich in natural minerals) and grape fruit extract with little bit of Vitamin C and skin brightening ingredients. It is not a skin lightening product but does help with lifting (not firming) the skin tone and bringing a supple look. This mask is oil free.

So, here is a round up of the skin care products that I have introduced for the coming months and will be continue using them throughout the season.

There are some more products that I am planning to add to my routine, which I will be talking about once I purchase them. I thought of giving you guys a brief review of all the products mentioned, but if you need a detailed review on any of the products, then PLEASE let me know and I will be happy to do so.

Which skin care products are you loving for the changing season?? Do share your thoughts with me. Read on to know more about which newly discovered products I am recommending.

Thank you all for reading and your likes and comments are always appreciated!!

Take Care..GOOD LUCK..xoxo





  1. I have used lots of makeup products from L’oreal but I haven’t used any of their skincare range and this one looks stunning and also, not to forget their splendid packaging

    1. I know!!! The packaging of this mask is enough for any beauty junkie to grab it off the shelf….But, this one also delivers..I do not love all their skincare products, but a couple including this one are worth a try…💗💕💗xx

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