Hey My Beautiful People!

How have you all been? I hope you have happily bid adieu to the summers and welcoming the autumn. I am all set to transition into cool breeze, cozy clothes and hot chocolate days.

Beauty wise, I have already started using fall appropriate products. And today, I will be sharing my top fragrances for this season. First of all, there isn’t any necessity to wear season suitable perfumes. Until last year, I would use any perfume throughout the year, regardless of the weather and I did not feel like I was missing out on something or I am not fashion forward. Being fashion foward does not ever to compulsorily follow every trend just to make yourself like you are “fitting in”.

However, I came across some perfumes earlier this year and just loved them since the first sniff. So, I decided to buy them when I finish my older perfumes.

I am more of a fresh, zingy, citrusy perfume girl. I hardly ever lean towards musky, amber, sickly sweet scents. But, there is always an exception. And, today’s picks proove just that. I am sure picking perfumes is very difficult and explaining their blend and aroma is even more strenuous. However, after using a perfume for a couple of weeks, I can break down the components to a basic and an understandable level. Kindly note that I am nowhere a perfumer, just another fragrance loving girl, very much like all of you.😊

Let’s begin,





Notes- Gardenia, Amber, Coconut, Musk

According to me, the first note is a combination of coconut and gardenia with a hint of spice added in. As it dries down, I can still smell the coconut, but with a more musky, amber and a slightly stronger note of sandalwood. After a couple of hours, the flowery note is disappeared and this fragrance smells more like a very balanced concoction of amber, woody, sandalwood and spice a bit like oriental fragrances, if you have tried any.


Despite, being a warmer perfume, it is not at all overwhelming and never gives me a headache or nauseated feel, which other intense perfumes have. The reason is that Versace has carefully created this by not letting one note overshadow the other. And, by this, we get a hint of everything, still enjoying the feeling of using perfumes that grab attention and making you feel regal. The lasting power is great even during the days when you are active and being in warmer weather. For me, this perfume does not smell any different than in the bottle after coming in contact with my natural body oils and sweat. It lasts for atleast seven hours on my skin. Whenever, I wear this perfume I have been complimented for the mesmerising scent as I surpass them and some actually assume that I am wearing a masculine and a feminine perfume together. This is a perfect choice to achieve an equilibrium between feminine and masculine scents.


Notes- Pepper, Tobacco, Cinnamon, Musk




On the contrary to the Versace Crystal Noir, this one is a spicy and fresh perfume with very little hint of sweet or musk. The first spritz gives a hefty aroma of fresh, zingy and spicy blend. Even though the name is Red Musk, I hardly feel there is much musky note added until it dries down. You can even use it during summers for a night event. Initially, the burst of spice smells a lot like pepper and cyprus and gradually smells little bit like that of a cinnamon. Further, as it combines with natural body odour, I love how it turns into this very seductive bittery, tobacco and woody scent. If I would go by the name, I would never buy it. The packaging lured me so I sprayed it on my wrist with lots of doubts and apprehending. I am glad I tried it because I have not come across such a perfume that is warm but negligibly sweet, which I prefer most of the time. It is a good option for those looking for a Vegan perfume.



As claimed, it is perfect for both men and women and it is one of those much expensive perfumes that leave a lasting impression. It is not preferred for those who are attracted towards very girly scents. This one lasts longer than Versace Crystal Noir on me. If you are looking for a fall suitable perfume and do not like sweeter scents plus that is not wallet breaking expensive, then please do give this one a try.

I hope you liked my post. It was not as lengthy like my regular ones as I did not want to keep on rambling about the different perfume notes, instead being precise and helping you to understand these fragrances so you can purchase them, if you wish to. Please let me know your favourite fall perfume for this year and suggest me any specific topics that you want me to write about.

I will be back very soon. Until then. HAPPY FALL😊✨

Take Care & GOOD LUCK..xoxo












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