Hello My Wonderful Friends!!!

Hope you guys are enjoying the weather and putting on bright lippies to correlate the sunny weather. I am aware some of my lovely followers must be enjoying a rather rainy or cold chilly weather as well.
Regardless of the season, I have put together some of my favourite lipsticks to wear throughout the year.
From sheer to deep, glossy to matte, there are endless formulas and shades to try and everyone has their favourite one. For me, pinks have been closest to my heart. I love reds, but I do not wear them often.

I have not extended the list because I wanted to showcase only those shades that will work for every undertone and skin tone. I will be starting with the lightest and sheer formula to deeper and intense shade.
So, let’s begin😃


My first ever chubby stick from Clinique was Mega Melon. I loved how the peachy somewhat opaque colour with gold shimmers gave an instant lift on those no makeup days. But, when I tried Super Strawberry, it matched my natural lip colour and suited facial tone in a way as if I was not wearing any lipstick, but my lips looked more enhanced and even in terms of pigmentation. It is a gorgeous sheer pink colour with subtle fine gold shimmer and is not at all sticky. It has Mango and Shea butters with other moisturising ingredients that also provide a vitamin rich kick. It has somewhat purple tone to it, but nothing extreme. Although, it looks like a tinted lip balm, it stays put for a good amount of time than expected. If you are not eating then you can expect it to stay for at least 4 hours. And, when it fades, it does not leave any tacky feel or blotchiness. If you have fair skin and do not mind creamy formulas, then this can work as a great natural flushed blush colour.



Revlon has creme, pearl, sheer and matte varieties in their super lustrous collection. This collection is like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, that has become such a huge favourite that despite the over flooding options coming up every day, people still fancy purchasing more and more shades from Super Lustrous. Sassy Mauve is a very creamy and non shimmery formula that is slightly on the beige undertone but suits well on all undertones. The texture is very smooth and it glides like butter. It is not very pigmented, but looks completely opaque with three swatches even on pigmented(except very pigmented) lips. It is among those lipsticks that will not make you suffer while trying to removing the stain from cracked lips if you forget to apply a lip balm beforehand. I have many times chosen this lipstick when I need to get ready in five minutes. It adds a subtle colour to achieve a natural makeup look. What I also love is that it camouflages the lip lines quite brilliantly. There is no bleeding and it wears off evenly. One thing to keep in mind is, one will have to keep reapplying it between meals as it transfers very easily.



As I am sharing my favourites today, I will not be talking about every little detail. But, if you want to know more about this liquid lipstick then I have reviewed it >>here<liquid lipstick that does not set to a matte finish. It is a fuchsia shade with gold particles and has an opaque formula. The primary thing that makes me love this product is because it is a glossy, smooth and non feathering formula. It looks surprisingly beautiful on warm undertones despite being a bluish pink lip colour. It has never dried out my lips and is bright enough for summers yet subtle to wear throughout the year. According to me, it smells like chocolate, so you never feel that you have put on a weird smelling lipstick and have to deal with it until you get rid of it eventually.



If you don’t know about this range from Rimmel London, then you really are missing a lot. Despite being so budget friendly, these liquid lipsticks provide everything from gorgeous shades to opaque application and especially the shade, Celestial. Rimmel launched another collection called Provocalips, but I find Apocalips are better in terms of pigmentation. Celestial is a nude pink colour with little bit of blue undertone to it. It wears exactly how it looks in the tube. You will be able to understand once you apply it on your lips. It has gold shimmer in very minute quantities which you will be able to notice only if look very carefully. It has a glossy finish and non sticky application. The applicator sponge is my favourite, a dope one, but with a little dent to collect more product. It is extremely pigmented and one swipe is all that you need. It never bleeds or dries out my lips. It is not a matte formula so it will transfer. But it still stays put after 4-5 hours of drinks and snacks. I love it that it leaves a hint of stain behind which is good even if I do not have time to reapply.



My last favourite of the day is from another very popular line from Maybelline. The shades offering is endless and the collection keeps getting vaster. Hooked on Pink is a very glossy formula that is also long lasting. It is again one of those lipsticks that leave behind a tint after completely wearing off. I know many girls hate such lipsticks, but I find it awesome, because I will not end up looking like a ghost in the middle of a meal. This shade does not have that prominent shimmer like some others have in this range. It is neither warm nor cool, somewhat a mix of both so it looks good on everyone. It does look intense on fair to paler skin tones, so I do not wear it to work or for a casual outing. It is definitely an occasional or night out shade but it will look great on tan to darker skin tones. It is very moisturising because of sesame seed oil, lanolin and beeswax which are intensely nourishing ingredients. It also contains honey, but in very minute quantity. However, during winter I find that a lip balm is necessary or some areas of lips will crack after few hours of application.

I hope you liked reading today’s post. I did not want to be very educative and just wanted to chill and share some of my favourites with you all. Please do leave me your feedback and suggestions for a certain type of post. Also, what are your favourite pink lipsticks??

Thank you all!!

Take Care..GOOD LUCK😊✨


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