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When I posted my last review which was about the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask here that I have been loving currently and hopefully will be a part of my all time skincare favourites, I went out to buy the full sized version of it as promised.
What actually happened was I ended up purchasing more products from Innisfree that I initially liked and wanted to try them out to see if they can fit in my current skincare routine.
One of the products is the Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil, an oil based makeup remover and cleanser.

In my post about the recommendations on different types of cleansers for every skin type, I talked about how much I love DHC Cleansing Oil here due to its thorough cleansing yet without a hint of residue quality. Since, there are so many options available and I recently ran out of my oil based makeup remover, it was time for me to try my hands on a new cleansing oil.

I tested this Cleansing Oil at the store by rubbing a small amount on a swatch of my lipstick and then wiping with a tissue. The lipstick immediately melted and came off without any stain behind. I liked how the oil seeped in my skin afterwards and made it soft without looking greasy.

So, I decided to purchase it and have been using it everyday as the first step of my skincare routine.

Now moving on to the details of the product.

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil- 18USD/ 14GBP/ 1400INR


It comes in a 150ML plastic green tinted bottle with a pump. There is a stopper/clip to prevent the pump from accidentally spilling the product. The first impression is how thick this cleansing oil is. Being born with a sensitised and combination to oily skin type, thick oils have never been used by me as a leave on. Since, this is a cleanser, I did not feel as worried and decided to take the plunge. Similar to other Innisfree products, this one too is a part of 4 free system. In simple words, many of their products do not have certain controversial ingredients. This Cleansing Oil does not have mineral oil, animal derived ingredients, artificial colouring and a form of preservative.

This is a personal preference, but I do not have any problem with mineral oil as an ingredient in skincare. If a product is of good quality, then mineral oil used in it is not to be worried about. In fact, it is a primary ingredient in so many moisturizing lotions for body and face and have been used safely since many years.

This cleanser has been formulated using mild cleansing agents and mostly emollients with Olive oil, of course. There are few plant extracts like green tea, tangerine and orchid that have antioxidant properties. Orchid flower is claimed to have anti ageing and skin regenerating benefits on the skin due to its mineral rich content.

There is a citrusy scent with the presence of lemon and orange peel oils. The scent is not overpowering and smells exactly like lime and orange essential oils. I am not a huge fan of overly scented skincare products, but this is neither artificial smelling nor heavily fragranced.

The technique to use is similar to all the other oil based cleansers, which is to apply on dry skin and massage to gently melt the makeup before wiping with a washcloth.
I like to gently massage the oil for 3-5 minutes before using some water to emulsify the oil. This way the oil is turned into a milky colour and then I finish off with a single swipe of warm washcloth with few splashes of warm water. I have noticed that this way the residue left is much less than with the use of washcloth alone.

As this is not just a cleanser, one has to make sure if it also works to dissolve the makeup efficiently. I will say, it does. The other night I was extremely exhausted and did not feel like using a separate makeup remover for my mascara, as usual, I gently rubbed the oil on my lashes and saw the mascara melting on my skin promptly. I use a waterproof mascara that never comes off completely if I do not use a good waterproof makeup remover. But, Innisfree’s Olive Real Cleansing Oil did not only melt away my waterproof mascara, it also did not make my eyes cloudy which is very common with oil cleansers. I was surprised that the presence of citrus oils did not sting my eyes too, which was again a surprise given my sensitive eyes. Although it does remove waterproof mascara, it is not as quick as two phased makeup removers. (At least, my mascara did not come off as fast as when removed with waterproof makeup remover.)

Here, you can see three different lipstick formulas ( satin, cream matte and liquid lipstick) that have completely dissolved with the oil and have left no stain on my skin.


I do not use a full coverage foundation on a daily basis, so I asked my MOM to test this on her face. She uses a thick layer of full coverage concealer and foundation with a pressed powder. With the first cleanse itself, all her face makeup came off on the washcloth. However, she did a second cleanse with the oil, given her heavy makeup application to avoid even the slightest of makeup being left behind.

For your reference, I have swatched two coats of concealer and foundation that are darker than my skin tone, so it is more prominent in pictures and also a swatch of my regular sheer coverage foundation to the extreme right. I let the products dry on my skin for a couple of hours and made sure to not wash my hands in between to test the cleansing oil’s efficiency in an honest manner. You can see how all the products have emulsified and came off with just one round of wet warm cotton pad. The darker shade of foundation to the extreme left is a full coverage 24 hr stay foundation and the concealer in the centre is thick full coverage long staying formula. I also set both with a hefty layer of pressed setting powder.


VERDICT– A thick, natural oil based cleanser with olive oil and plant extracts which is efficient in removing all the makeup including waterproof formulas. It works effortlessly on sheer to full coverage formulations whether they are foundations or matte lipsticks. Does not cause friction or irritation while massaging like some others have previously. You do not need more than one pump for full face of makeup. Has a wonderful citrusy scent that adds freshness to the rich formula. Leaves a slight residue that does not leave the skin greasy and makes it very soft to touch. Since my body skin is dry, I love how my hands felt after cleaning the makeup while taking the pictures.

NOTE– May feel heavy on oily skin and during humid summers if used alone. The citrus peel oils may cause sensitisation on extremely sensitive skin. Does take a little longer than bi-phased makeup removers to take off waterproof formulas. The emollients may or may not cause clogged pores if not rinsed well.

Will I repurchase it??

Since I am not a dry skinned girl, I will be on the lookout for a lighter cleansing oil to use during summers. But, this one will surely be added to my skincare routine in winters unless I find something much better.

Should you buy it?

If you have dry skin and love natural products with rich formulas and do not mind citrus scents and most importantly if you want to use only one product to remove all your makeup without rubbing a lot, then you should definitely buy this cleansing oil.

I will be grateful if this lengthy review was helpful to you.

Thank you so much for reading.







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