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When I posted my review on Hera Purifying Cleansing Foam, >>here<< I mentioned there was another product that I wanted to share with you and disclose my opinion on how it worked for me.

Humid and hot conditions call for frequent mattifying action and using clay masks becomes essential for everyone this time of the year. So, after a long delay, I have decided to talk about the second K-Beauty product on my blog as of yet.

It is, Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 100ML 15$/12£/ 1000INR one of the highly coveted and best selling Korean beauty product and brand.

It claims to absorb excess oil with the magnetic action of rare Volcanic Clay from the Jeju Islands in Korea. It is also safe for sensitive skin as being a fragrance free product. It is free of animal derived ingredients and mineral oil. So, beauty junkies who are towards vegan brands, will find this an additional reason to buy this mask.

A brief introduction on what is volcanic clay and how it works on our skin: In a very childish but understandable manner, certain volcanic locations throughout the world have specific temperatures underground that at times increases to the extent that they erupt and ooze hot lava. When this lava cools down, it leaves tons of ashes and volcanic stones around it. These ashes are then curated, processed, separated from the unrequited substances and used by cosmetic companies worldwide. They are full of minerals that vary with location and are great to use in the beauty industry. Capable of many functions in cosmetic industry is one, that is mostly known and commonly made use of. It is the function of oil absorption and mild disinfection. To make it sound exciting and different, there are various fancy names given to these ashes and today the name used for this post is Volcanic Clay.

As the name of today’s reviewed product concentrates on Volcanic Clay, I will be focusing on its sebum absorbing and deep cleansing properties.

To begin with, I have been using this mask twice a week for a month now and obviously have ran out of all the samples which my lovely friend gifted me. The sample pack has enough to use twice so I store it in a small zip lock bag once I have opened it.


The colour is an ashy brown, somewhat like a grey-taupe and the texture is a fine and smooth paste. There are minute gritty particles which can be from the walnut shell powder or volcanic ash. The consistency is neither too thin nor thick and spreads easily.

It is recommended to wait for 10 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. As being a lover of squeaky clean feel and matte look that is achieved from clay masks, I leave this mask on for 25-30 minutes. I wash it off first with lukewarm water and then a splash of cold water. Unlike regular clay masks,this one will not dry unless kept for very long, which is why it is not as stripping.

Now, moving on to the performance. It is said that the volcanic region in the Jeju Islands is a preserved location because of its unique and precious chemical and mineral composition. I have not personally went to Jeju Islands and collected any fragments nor researched in a laboratory to actually find out how different is the volcanic clay from Jeju Island to the other clays from around the world, but I rely on Innisfree as a genuine brand.


Back to the actual beauty related benefit of this award winning best seller, along with Volcanic clay that has disinfecting properties, this mask has added ingredients like Kaolin and Bentonite that work on deeply cleansing the pores and absorbing excess oil. As it is indicated for not only being able to remove excess surface sebum but provide moisturisation simultaneously, there are quite a few natural plant ingredients like Green Tea along with the well known Glycerin to provide comfort, hydration and softness while still achieving oil free results. Although, one claim is not justifiable here and that is the exfoliation with the presence of AHA. Chemical exfoliants have specific formulations to work in the designated manner and this mask does not fall in that category.

For me, who normally has dry to combination skin type that can get oily very easily due to higher humidity conditions, this mask turned out to be a WOW by fulfilling every claim made and every benefit ticked off. There was nothing that I read and felt which did not match. The very first time I removed the mask, my skin looked so fresh and clean but plump and glowy. Now, you know if you are familiar with clay masks, this is not possible to achieve with majority of clay masks. The entire area from my forehead to my neck looked much more even toned, smooth, oily and shiny look and feel was gone even after checking my T zone area with a blotting paper. I loved the baby soft feel whenever I touched my face. Overtime, it has also helped to maintain the oil levels and has not affected my skin in a negative manner. I am still using my regular skin care products and have not felt the need to use a heavier moisturiser or the contrary. It has become a part of my current skincare routine and I am buying my full size tub very soon.

VERDICT: A no fuss, simple, fragrance free clay mask that is suitable for all skin types throughout the year. Deeply yet gently cleanses the skin without stripping the natural oils. It has natural ingredients that provide balanced moisturation and hydration without inducing oil production (everyone’s skin reacts differently to products). It does not contain any sensitising ingredients which is a plus for everyone. Has a cooling effect that gives sense of calm and relaxation without any sting. Supplements in calming irritation and superficial redness. Suited for even dry skin. Will dry only if kept for very long. Will last for 1/2-2 months if used regularly.

NOTE: If you are an acneic person with excessive oil production that starts seeping on your skin’s surface few minutes after cleansing, then Innisfree Jeju Super Volcanic Clay Mask will not work that efficiently. You will need a much deeply clarifying mask to get rid of grease and loosen dead cells to achieve smooth, matte surface. Also, there are some controversial ingredients that may or may not cause pore clogging.

Here, I complete my review on this best seller mask. I have tried to be informative and precise without making things confusing, so you can now decide if you would want to buy this mask or not. However, your feedback and questions are always welcomed. If you would like me to review some other product that you want to try or are looking forward to purchase, then please let me know!

I hope you found this post helpful and I was able to clear any confusion regarding this product, if you had any.

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    1. Hi! This is a clay based mask so it will definitely help to loosen the blackheads so they can be extracted easily. Some small blackheads come off on their own when using these kind of masks. I suggest you using the Innisfree mask because it will help with oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads and drying out pimples faster. Hope this helps. If anything, you can feel free to ask. Thank you!!🙂✨

    1. Yeah.. The best part about using this is that it does not cause dryness so we are not forced to follow up with hydrating mask or heavy moisturiser. Sorry for the late reply hon..I might have missed the comment thinking I replied already..xx

    1. I am sorry, your comment was missed out. Hence, the late reply. It is a great mask that is not very drying and makes the skin look clean radiant and smooth. So,have you tried it yet??

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