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It was probably more than a month ago, when I shared a review of MUA lip lacquer. >>HERE<< Although, I love everything about it with few negligible cons, I wanted to reinvent my lost love for lip glosses. I don’t know about you, but lip glosses have been a part of my life since high school. Actually, they were the first makeup items that I owned. I was watching Angelina Jolie in a movie and lovvveeddd a peachy orangey lip gloss without any shimmer that she was wearing. I am not one hundred percent sure which movie it was, but that was the beginning of my fascination towards makeup. Infact, I got so obsessed that I raided many stores until I found Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss that looked exactly the same. I even remember how it looked back then, but, unfortunately I do not remember the shade name or number☹️.
By now, you must have guessed it. I started using makeup QUITE late. I do not regret not applying makeup much earlier in my life as I enjoyed being involved with skincare.

Being done with a little introduction about the initiation of my makeup journey, Let’s proceed with the post so, I can share with you my new found lip loves.

Makeup Revolution London Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer 3£/5USD/700INR


I was not planning on buying lip glosses from MUR, but I accidentally stumbled upon one of the shades that I will be talking about today and realised it looked very similar to the one I owned from different brand which is no longer available.

That made me looking for more shades and finally decided to buy two shades for now. Can you agree with me that buying Rose Gold coloured everything from makeup to jewellery to even homeware is a never ending obessesion?!?!

Which is why, I still can not help myself from saving these lip lacquer boxes. The first one is;

Didn’t I Tell You?

IMG_7028The names are so exciting, especially because these are phrases instead of one or two words.

I have no idea what was the concept behind these names, but, anyways!

To begin with, this shade is a pretty girly, fresh and young colour. It is a bright pink with blue undertones. But, it is not so much on the blue tone that it won’t work for women with yellow or neutral undertones. The pigmentation is neither like that of a liquid lipstick nor like a sheer gloss. It is an opaque gloss with subtle hints of gold shimmer. You will probably not notice the shimmer on your lips, but it does help with providing a vibrant, fuller pout effect when applied. It is a perfect spring and summer colour.

Nothing Like You And I/Nothing Like Anything

IMG_7027This is a gorgeous shade which gives a contrast between red and brown, not earthy or muddy, but very much toned down and it is among those shades that can be worn by women of every age. This one does not have any shimmer and glides like a smooth opaque gel. 

I asked my MOM to try it out when I first purchased and she liked it so much that she asked me to buy a new one for myself. LOL.

Even though this shade looks dark and you may think it is not wearable for day to day look. But, you will love it..!


As opposed to MUA LUXE LIP LACQUERS, these lip colours will not dry to a matte finish. These do not “SET” and will start wearing off while eating and drinking. The colour does not entirely transfer on to the glass or any surface and leaves slight stain even after wearing off. What I first noticed was the breezy application. You do not have to rub your lips with the brush while applying and one stroke gives full coverage. Also, similar to the MUA lip lacquers, these ones too have a sturdy applicator with a slant tip (doe foot applicator) that assists in a steady application. As it is not a “set to a matte” formula, you can even apply on slightly dry lips without a lip balm. I can assure this, as a day ago, I was in a hurry and had five minutes to get ready. I do suffer from dry lips, but I had to apply this lip colour directly and even after 4 hours, my lips did not dry out or started cracking as it is the case with most lip colours for me.

IMG_7020IMG_7021You can easily build up the colour, but you will not need to, as someone with pigmented lips too will get a nice opaque colour application. As, you can see, two coats gives full on bold effect that can be done to transition from to day night look. Like I said earlier, these will not set, you will have to touch up during the day depending on how many times you snack or drink. Otherwise, you can expect the colour to look fresh for 3-4 hours easily. Despite not being a matte lip lacquer, these are much long lasting that an actual gloss. I love how they do not feel sticky or heavy on my lips and do not bleed as well. BOTH THE SHADES WILL WORK FOR WOMEN WITH ANY UNDERTONE AND SKIN TONE, WHETHER PORCELAIN, MEDIUM OR DEEP. The first impression will be how gel like and non sticky the formulation is. I have to admit that at a drugstore/highstreet price, MUR provides quality products with such good packaging, formulas and beautiful wearable and dupe shades that can overshadow many high end products. I rate these lip lacquers much higher than the L’Oreal liquid lipsticks that I purchased due to immense marketing hype. In terms of colour pay off, pigmentation, consistency, longevity and price difference, MUR definitely takes the prize.

If you love lip colours but are afraid to wear intense shades and want to have a lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss effect in one product, then these lip lacquers will not let you down. I hope my review was helpful for you to fully understand these MUR LONDON Salvation Lip Colours and will find it easier to choose your favourite. 

Have you tried these lip lacquers yet? Which one is your favourite?

Do share your thoughts or any questions and I will be waiting for your feedback😊.



  1. Pretty shades. Single coat seems enough. I think one great thing about them is that they are not heavy on your lips. I hate the feeling of something sitting on my lips 😐
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I know, right?? I feel like I am inclined towards using these lip lacquers more often than others lately.I am planning on checking out newer shades as well!! Thank you for stopping by lovely😊

    2. What I like more about DIDN’T I TELL YOU? is that it is a toned down version of those bright neon pinks and is not extremely blue toned..Does look lighter in the tube than swatched..

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