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In my last post, I shared my current favourite multipurpose oil HERE

So, it was obvious to share my current body washes that I feel are perfect to use, especially during summers.

I am bit picky about body washes and gels whether it is their scent, texture and the feel afterwards. Although, suffering from dry skin on the body, I tend to stay away from body washes that are meant specifically for this condition. I can not stand the residue they leave behind. I am aware and accept that dry skin needs moisture and creamy body washes are the right products to comfort the itchy and stretchy skin. Despite the fact, it is my personal preferance to stick to regular gel or watery body washes.

The two major reasons behind choosing today’s products are their summery scents and the fresh, clean feel, after. One very important thing to be noted is my body skin is not as sensitive like my facial skin, hence I can experiment with heavily fragranced products. If you are extremely sensitive or an ezcema or psoriasis proned person, then I can not stress enough that you test these before using on entire body.


Let’s begin;



I do not know where to begin from to start talking about this almost edible product.

I am surprised that I did not buy this body wash before. As much attractive the name is, the scent is even better. When I took a first sniff, it reminded me of a sweet citrus drink and did not smell synthetic too. It is so similar to a real lime drink that I guarantee, you will agree with me on this. It is a thin wash in consistency and as suggested, can be used as a bubble bath as well. The use of the word sugar does not indicate that the scent will be sweet as opposed to zingy due to presence of lime oil. It is a citrusy smelling wash with hint of sweet. In short, if you can imagine, the scent has been created by crushing lemons, lime leaves with bit of mint and sugar topped off with soda and a drop of vanilla.

Moving on, the ingredients are mostly focused towards giving the users a fresh burst of citrus with little moisture so the skin does not dry out. The moisture kick is provided with the addition of rapeseed oil which is a great ingredient for light moisturisation and good source of fatty acids. The presence of Kiwi water does intrigue me as I do not often get to see kiwi extracts in body care products. Anyways, this is a rinse off product so we should concentrate on that factor more.

Now, I suggest using a loofah or a sponge to get good lather as this body wash is not going to give you hefty coatings of dense foams that you can play with. The texture may be thin as compared to conventional body washes, but you will not need to use a lot to thoroughly cleanse your body. It lathers really well with two pumps and washes off like no other body wash and does not leave the skin stretchy. I will not lie by making false claims that it will give you baby soft skin. This is a summery body wash and is meant to let your skin breathe and feel refreshed but also makes your skin decently soft.

I do not feel a hint of residue after I shower and does not even take long to wash it off like some other body washes ask for.

The second product is the one I purchased for travelling and have been using even after I returned home. It is ;


IMG_7069.JPGThis product was a buy in a hurry when I was travelling recently and forgot to decant my other body wash. The great thing is the choice of sizes and cute flip cap that is silver with a transparent bottle with a somewhat yellow gel. I bot the 75ML size that is of course less convenient in terms of price, but it was my requirement. I am glad I forgot to carry my regular shower gel or else I could not get to smell such a crisp real lime scent. It is a crisp crisp and CRISP lime juice and lime oil with verbena scent. Despite being crisp as I keeping saying so, it is not at all over powering. I am a sensitive nose person and I easily sneeze from certain scents. But, this one, is going to be in my shower forever!! I am not a fan of fruity scents as they give me a headache. Floral scents are great but also very common in women products. Sometimes, I prefer to buy men perfumes and body washes as they smell so fresh. Please do not be confused with my statement above. I am a girl and I am straight.LOL. (Being said that, I agree that everyone has their own likes and dislikes and should not be judged or discouraged by their choice of products or decisions in life as I have come across some really cynical people who have been rude to their peers especially in uni.)

IMG_7077.JPGBack to the post, this body wash again is a very easily rinsed kind of product,which is why it is one of my favourites. It does not have much significant ingredients in terms of skincare but works great as a body wash. Those of you who are not aware, L’Occitane is a really good French skincare and body care brand with many award winning products that also sells fragrances and few other accessories. They avoid phthalates and parabens and use ingredients sourced from natural and organic farming. I have used other products from them but this shower gel is my first time purchase. This one is a clear gel that has a yellow tinge and is neither as watery like SOAP&GLORY nor thick like others. It gives a soft decent lather like natural products do, but also leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and the whole shower smells of zingy lime scent. Lastly, this one too gives more of clean, refreshed feel and is light on moisturisation. But, it will not strip your skin or give you a greasy, sticky feel afterwards. The only CON is, the fragrance does not last longer during summers. 

So, if you like clean body washes that lather well enough, rinse quickly without any residue and let’s you take a break from the usual mint and eucalyptus smells, then these two can be a significant part of your shower routine. Do give these a try and let me know when you do so.

Also, if you know of a body wash that has fresh scent and does not irritate the skin or overly stimulates the nasal sensation, then Please do let me know!!

Take Care My Friends.. Happy Summer😊

GOOD LUCK..xoxo✨

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      1. Anytime! Love how in depth your reviews are, very interested to add some of your products into my ‘must try’ list haha ♡ xo

      2. Thank you so much hon!! It makes me feel even more inspired to improve my future blog posts when someone actually reads through the entire thing and understands the effort and love I try to put in my every blog. I truly truly appreciate your wonderful comment💖😚 I hooe you do purchase those products that would fit in your routine and like them as well. It would make sense because I know you believe in my reviews and opinions. Good Luck for your blog love❤️❤️

      3. Youre most welcome! 🙂 You should feel very proud of the way you put your blogs together, very informative and actually very interesting to read and know your thoughts on different products! Yes i will definitely make a list to purchase some of the items you have reviewed and do a little review myself, obviously shouting out your name because you introduced me 😉
        Good luck to you too! I look forward to readig more from you ♡♡ xo

      4. That is such a wonderful thing to say. You are a doll. I feel more obliged than proud go be honest and I feel happy everytime when someone likes my content. Not a problem, I know how intimidating it was for me when I began blogging. I didn’t know where to head or how to connect. I have lots to learn yet and wonderful people like you makes me want to work harder. I will be waiting for your blog posts as well.. Take Care hon❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻

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