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I always have had a soft corner for spas and their mesmerising scents that lure me every time I pass by. Not being biased, but I love the lemongrass and ginger diffusers that are lit in Thai Spas and if you can get a chance do experience one of the body massages in the Caribbean resorts. The tropical scents gives a feeling of, what should I say? Lost in Paradise!!
While, I do not live in Caribbean and can not afford a spa massage everyday, I can definitely resort to products that give me spa like feeling at home. To be frank, some of the products sold as part of spa collections are not very luxurious to use. They smell average and synthetic and are mostly resorted to bath salts and scrubs. Both of which are not leave on products.
So, when SPA OF THE WORLD Collection was launched by The Body Shop, I could not resist but test some of the products.
This range has been created using scents and concoctions from different parts of the world. Essential oils are used to give the real experience of spas and aromatherapies. The collection consists of skincare and body care range from body oils, scrubs, body creams, clay masks, milk bath along with accessories like mask brush and massager.

Today, I am talking about one the oils from the range.



PRICE- 25$/16£/1695INR

The very first thing about this range is the use of amber bottles and tubs. I find amber and blue coloured packaging very therapeutic, especially when it is semi transparent.
So, getting back to the product of the day. This is indicated towards body and hair use. Monoi oil is basically a coconut oil base infused with soaked Gardenia tahitensis flowers. The scent is something you will never get fed up of. It is divine!! The primary ingredients in it are very moisturising and skin nourishing oils.

If you suffer from dry skin, brittle hair that is frizzy, then this oil can really transform the condition of the skin and hair. I have seen many much more expensive products that have similar ingredients, but do not do much in terms of helping with dryness.
Being made of coconut, sweet almond and sesame oil among others, you should expect this to be of a thicker consistency. This oil is in no way a dry oil.
I also like that it does not contain mineral oil like most body oils do. Because of this, you are actually able to use a product that absorbs well.
Sweet Almond, Sesame, Brazil Nut are all very rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E that can help with dryness, loss of firmness, dullness and wrinkles. And, I do not have to talk about the benefits of using coconut oil for health and topical application. Although, indicated towards body and hair, my MOM uses it to massage her face few times a week in the night and raves about how much her face looks plump and radiant the next morning. OfCourse, I can not use this oil on my face as being someone who has dry to combination skin type that can react in unexpected ways sometimes with use of oils. If I did not suffer from pore clogging issues, I would not mind using it on my face as the last step in my night time routine.

One more thing, I would like to clarify with you guys is, despite, being claimed as an antibacterial, coconut oil should be used on acneic skin with caution. It can lead to severe pore clogging issues. So, it is crucial to test it on your facial skin before using it regularly.
There is a small amount of fragrance that may or may not be derived from natural sources. So, if you suffer from psoriasis or any other major skin disorder then, do a patch test for 24 hours.

I bought this oil about two months ago and have used it atleast thrice a week on arms and legs and on lengths of the hair. So, noticing that there is hardly any product that has been used up, I can confidently say that you will not need a whole lot. A single drop is so rich but spreadable that if you use a lot, you will actually end up looking like a grease ball. It was hard to detect the difference before and after application on camera or else, I would have showed you how smooth the skin looks once the oil is absorbed.

I am so happy that I purchased it and I am looking forward to explore more from the similar range. Perhaps, a body cream. Anyways, if I do so, I will definitely review it for you guys.

I hope you liked today’s post. I am glad I shared this new favourite of mine with you all. One more product added to my multipurpose favourites!

If you have any body oil or multi usage oil that is very close to your heart, then please do share with me.

I will be seeing you all very soon. TAKE CARE



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