HERA Purifying Cleansing Foam- REVIEW

I have been trying out some new skincare products recently and I would like to share my opinions on the products from the bunch that I have been using for long enough to put forward a review on their effectivity. If possible, I try to gather enough samples and use them to understand if a product works before making a full size purchase. Fortunately, my friend visited Korea and Japan and she knows my craze for skincare, she gave me all the samples she got from her purchases. I can not be thankful enough to her for being so generous.

Today, I will be talking about a cleanser/face wash.



Firstly, I will briefly familarize you with the consistency and the formula.

It is creamy and thick in consistency. Has a white colour with pearly finish and has a light scent. The company claims that it works for all skin types. It has a deep cleansing action without leaving the skin dry and stretchy. We shall see how far the claims made, are true.


You really do not need a lot of product. Infact, the very first time I took the quantity similar to my liquid cleanser and my hand and face were full of white foam. The company suggests to foam up the cleanser, wash it off with lukewarm water and then finish with cold water. Because of it’s creamy and almost shaving foam like texture, I decided to use it on dry face and just rinsed thoroughly. It did leave a film that was not sticky but did not gave me a clean feel afterwards. Next time, I emulsified the cleanser with few drops of  warm water and surprisingly, I got that “clean feel”. So according to me, this cleanser is best used on wet face and emulsified a bit before foaming up while massaging on the face.




It has some interesting ingredients like red algae, moringa seed and a type of sugar that have skin moisturising, antioxidant and conditioning properties.

Red Algae– Known for it’s highly skin conditioning and anti inflammatory properties

Moringa Seed– Very high in antioxidants and Omega 9 fatty acids

Pinitol– Researches show it ability to form a long lasting moisture barrier and skin softening properties.


I have been using this for over a week now, day and night and so far there have not been any breakouts. And today, I have used up my last sample of this cleanser. My skin does feel very clean visually and to touch while still being hydrated. The clean feel remains for 5 hours and then my skin starts getting oily in the T zone area. I do not like to review a cleanser based solely on how long it keeps my skin oil free as many other factors attribute to sebum secretion plus the leave on products we follow up with.

In short, this cleansing foam washes off all the dirt, surface oils and also calms any redness from skin sensitisation. Does not feel a bit stripping and maintains hydration where the oily areas do not feel sticky and dry areas do not get flaky. Just onething that has to be well understood is the mentioning of the word “Purifying” does not have much to do with acneic skin. 



The Hera Purifying Cleansing Foam is already added to my next shopping list because of it’s balancing action on dry combo skin, providing a smooth, soft touch and still being able to clean very well. It may not work on very dry skin types. People with very sensitive skin should use this product as a trial before purchasing as it does have fragrance. And do not expect this cleanser to wash off makeup completely.

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Have you tried this cleanser or other products from Hera? How were your experiences with them?

Thank you so much for reading.




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