Must Try Cleansers For Different Skin Types

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Last time, I talked about cleansers and the breakdown of various types available. Those of you who could not read can click >>HERE<< to understand what kind of cleanser can work specific to your skin type.

As promised, I have brought together some of best cleansers I have used over the years. Now that you know what formulations work best for your skin but are confused where to start from because of uncountable offerings flooding the beauty industry, then read further. It will not only help you to experiment with different brands but also you can relate your needs based on what an individual product has to offer.

I have to admit that like every other girl, I am guilty of splurging on high end brands, but when it comes to cleansers, I rarely lean towards a Dior or a Chanel.There are two very sensible reasons behind this. Firstly, drugstore and medium level brands offer so many cleansers that are brilliantly made. They cater to most skin types and allow us to experiment with different cleansers due to their affordable rates. Secondly and lastly, we only need a cleanser to remove makeup and debris along with some requiring a bit more action for oily skin. If we spend on an expensive product that is packed with beneficial ingredients, we will only benefit from the cleansing action from it and not those ingredients in it that can work only if we leave the product on.

So, Let’s get started;

Avon Anew Comforting Cream Cleanser and Mask 150ML 10$:


The formulation is great for dry and mature skin types that are not acne prone. There are many skin conditioning agents and the soft lather is created using a natural ingredient. It does contain a hint of fragrance which is why I do not suggest it for use on very sensitive skin. It cleanses away dirt and makeup really well but for me it did leave bit of residue as opposed to what is claimed by Avon. As my skin is dry-combo most of the time of the year, I do not use cream cleansers. But, when I went to live in a place where the climate was dry and cold, I used this cleanser twice a week to remove makeup and cleanse as well. It softens the flakes, does not feel a bit stretchy and provides a comforting residue that is not heavy on the skin.However, I request you to not use this for removing waterproof makeup. Due to absence of conventional surfactants, it can be used as a mask to reap most benefits.


Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash 175ML 5.49$/3-5£/499INR:


If we talk about a drugstore priced cleanser and that is suitable for oily acne prone skin then how can leave the infamous Neutrogena brand. This particular one has been my staple for years and is more suited for very oily skin. It is a runny gel that is not very liquidy and foams really well. It cleanses off really well without any stickiness or stretchy feel and easily removes washable makeup. No matter how many other cleansers I will be using, there will always be a bottle of this in my stash. With the presence of Chamomile and Aloe it also helps to calm minor skin irritation as well. I have noticed that constant use does have a drying effect on the skin, but nothing that can not be taken care of with a good oil free moisturiser. And if you feel that your skin is not as oily after regular use, you can gradually transition to a gentler product. So, if you are someone who always feels like no face wash is working to reduce the surface oiliness and giving you a clean clean clean face for atleast 5-6 hours then you should try this one. Although, it is also referred to acne-prone skin, the only benefit any face wash meant for acne can provide is not leave any residue to exaggerate or cause pore clogging, do not strip the skin and calm down any irritation from acne. And Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser 175ML 7.49$ is equally great but with gentler formulation that is suitable for dry to oily skin types.



The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter 90ML/27OZ 16$/13£/1095INR :



 This is my favourite mid priced cleansing balm. The reason it is named a butter is because it actually feels like a butter on the skin. The consistency is thick and instantly melts in to an oil as you work on to the skin. I have even tried it to remove waterproof eye makeup and it did a great job. However, I had to use a bit of cleansing water to remove every trace of mascara. It emulsifies well when mixed with water and does not leave any residue. The mild fragrance in it has not stung my eyes and this butter is suitable for any skin type except very sensitive. I would also recommend this for oily and acne prone skin to remove makeup as it does not take long, you do not have to rub rub rub your skin with this balm that can irritate the existing acne further. Just remember to do a second cleanse with a suitable product to avoid possible pore clogging if you breakout very easily.

Konjac Sponge Company 100% Pure Facial Puff Sponge Original 8.99£ :


When you see this product the first thing may come to your mind is that well, it is a sponge with different colours and etc etc. And, it could be a great replacement for a beauty blender. It is a sponge. But, there is a lot more to it. It is made from a naturally occurring root. It is made of root fibers of konjac plant and NO, it is not for applying but removing makeup and cleansing the skin. Unlike, cleansing brushes including Clarisonic, this sponge has natural cleansing properties and do not need a regular face wash or cleanser. It comes in various forms now with added clays, teas, calming ingredients and you can basically try most of the ones. If you like gentle exfoliation that gives you smooth soft skin and can not use clarisonic because of it being harsh if used daily, then you have to give these sponges a try. Some brands offer already soaked ones and the dry ones have to be soaked in warm water until it becomes soft and squishy. Since, I bought my first konjac sponge, I have never been without it. It easily lasts for 3 months. And, I use it with and without a cleanser depending on the time of the day and skin requirements. Suitable for all skin types.

Maybelline New York Clean ! Express Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 118ML 5.99$/100ML 6.76£/70ML 300INR :

This can give many high end eye makeup removers a run for their money. It is a two phased or bi phased formula that instantly removes waterproof makeup. It is fragrance free, oil free and works for all skin types. Just shake the bottle well until both the formulations combine and then dampen a cottan pad with it. Let the pads sit on your eyes for a minute and gently wipe off. You will see all the makeup coming off from the first swipe. It does not sting the eyes or cause any cloudiness. It is a great option for travelling as well because of its size, no water required and the fact that it does not leave any residue once dried.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water & Makeup Remover 400ML 8.99$/3.33£:



 Although, Bioderma is up and above all the cleansing waters for most beauty gurus, I feel sorry for the Garnier one that is left out despite being equally effective but way cheaper. If you try both the waters, you will agree with me on their effectiveness. And the original Garnier water is oil free, alcohol free and fragrance free just like the Bioderma version. However, Bioderma has some skin conditioning agents as opposed to Garnier which can be easily ignored. Because of this unique formulation, Garnier can be used by everyone from a teen to an older woman, regardless of their skin types. You can choose to either do another cleanse with a wash or not. It does not leave any residue behind and feels like water. Use it in the same manner as a makeup remover. However, cleansing waters are not as effective on waterproof makeup like bi phased ones.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 30ML-200ML 5.50$-28$ : 


Although an oil, this emulsifies and rinses easily. As with all cleansing balms and oils, you have to start with dry skin, work the product gently and wipe with a warm wash cloth. Repeat if necessary. With this oil, you have to massage and then splash some warm water. It will turn milky and wash off leaving skin clean and makeup free. I know it is costlier than the others mentioned in this post, but for me it is totally worth it amd you have the option to buy the size you want. I find this particular oil much better than its counterparts because of its ability to clean instantly and not leaving a film behind. You do not even need a lot of product. It is Olive Oil based which makes it suitable for all skin types specifically dry.

ELF Mineral Face Cleanser 1.76OZ /56GMS 8.01$ :



Powder cleansers or exfoliants are best suited for normal to combination skin types. They are formulated with oil absorbing ingredients and surfactants along with enzymes that are activated when in contact with water. Most of the powders do not have preservatives while some having essential oils as well. ELF cleanser has to be mixed with water and lathered up just like regular washes. It is suited for normal to slightly dry skin types. I did not like it much enough to replace my regular cleansers. Although, this particular cleanser has been discontinued now, there is an another one I have used, but like it as an exfoliator few times a week. It is TATCHA Classic Rice Enzyme Powder-Normal to Combination Skin Types 65$. It was a gift and I used it up, but did not feel like buying it myself because of the steep price and the alternatives I have.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser 19.50$/15£/1200INR :


 If you are sensitive, dry, oily or dehydrated, this cleanser will remove all the dirt, oiliness and washable makeup without making your skin stretchy or greasy. It is a balanced formulation that makes it gentle enough for sensitive skins and effective for oily skin types. Being said that, if you are suffering from very dry, flaky skin or excessive oiliness, then you will need a specific cleanser like AVON or NEUTROGENA. Among all the water soluble cleansers, this is the one I recommend the most because of it’s suitability for every skin type and the longevity of the product. It is not a gel or cream, instead is a somewhat milky coloured glossy, smooth and thick liquid. To get proper results, wet your face, take some cleanser in your palms, lather it up with some water and then massage on to your skin. Let the cleanser emulsify completely into a lather and then splash water to rinse thouroughly. With consistencies like this cleanser, I know some people who complain about a residue after rinsing. But, this is definitely not the case, if, you follow the steps mentioned above. 

Now, the last one here is one product that I could not stop myself mentioning.

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion 24$:


This no rinse, and occlusive formula is one of the best for very dry skin that is red and itchy, gets flushed with gentle rubbing and also can not tolerate any fragrance even in minute amounts. If you suffer from above mentioned issues and do not easily break out or are under strong skin treatments, then this cleansing lotion will be great for you. You have to use this cleanser like a makeup remover and no water is needed. So, it is not a foaming product which is best for very inflamed skin. Although, I recommend using a Cleansing water or makeup remover as the first step if you wear makeup.

I know this post was very long, but I wanted you to understand and relate your needs with different types of cleansers. I hope I was helpful and now, it will be much easier for you to do cleanser/face wash shopping.

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