L’Oreal EyeShadow Palettes Swatches And Reviews

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

I have been quite a mediocore shopper when it comes to eyeshadows. Firstly, I do not always wear full on makeup and secondly, I like to buy only the ones that I know I will finish before the products gets expired.

So, from various brands that I have tried, both high end and drugstore, I will be talking about the tiny stash of eyeshadow palettes/quads from L’Oreal Paris.


Since, it is summer and I can not do much of highlighting on my face unless with a good base and I am bit lazy😬 so, I like to use such eyeshadows to create an oomph in my makeup look.

There will be a mix of both old and new. So, let’s get started!!



L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude (Beige)– I am confident that all of you are aware of this palette. It came out in two shades palettes. One is a pinky nude and other beige nude. Since, I liked the warm brown shades more, I got the beige one. It comes in a sleek black palette with a mirror and a brush with blender and applicator on either sides. To begin with, I have to say that the colours are quite wearable. It has a combination of shimmery, satiny and matte shades. There are a total of 10 shades ranging from 1 pearly white highlight, 1 yellow highlight, 3 shimmer shades of rose gold, silver and coppery-brown each, 1 pinky nude matte shade, 3 matte brown shades and 1 black shade. I have used this palette to create a simple day look as well as a night out full on smokey look. As expected, both the looks turned out pretty good. I use the black one to create a soft smudge eye liner. I do not like the yellow highlight much and prefer the pearly one for brow bone and bit on the cupids bow as well. But, not all the shades are alike. The lighter ones are less pigmented and may not show up much on darker skin tones unless layered well enough. Altogether, as claimed none of the shades are highly pigmented. I have used many richly pigmented ones, infact from L’Oreal itself. You have to repeat your application for atleast three times to get a good pack of colour. Also, I have noticed that these slide off easily in humidity. A good primer is a must.




The swatches are from 3 applications for you to get a good idea of how the shades look like exactly as in the palette.


L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Ombres E3 Infiniment Bronze- These have not been launched recently, yet I am using these. And, why not? These really are a standout from the drugstore ranges. Infact, this quad was one of my first eyeshadows to use, when I wanted to gently and gradually transition into trying more dramatic makeup looks. It has 1 highlight shade, 1 copper shade, 1 metallic brown and 1 dark brown shade. All the shades are with shimmer and highly pigmented. These are very soft and blend very easily. You can create a deep dark smokey eye or coppery festive look within few minutes. I have not felt the need to apply and blend several times. These last very long and do not smudge, fade or get all mixed up. If you love pigmented, afforadable and good quality with great staying power brown metallic shades, then you should definitely own this quad.


The swatches are only from one time application.


L’Oreal Paris Color Riche R5 Jade Moonlight– I am not sure if this quad has been released everywhere. You can inquire, if you wish. However, among the three, this is the least favourite of mine. I bought this only for the two centre shades. One being a gold and the other a metallic brown with silver tinge to it. It is kind of difficult to explain the latter shade. In contrast to the above quad, this does not stand out in terms of pigmentation as well colour coordination. You have to work out the shades as per your wish or what looks best on you. From the right is a highlight with subtle peachy tinge, a gold shade, a metallic brown silvery shade and a light green shade. If you like subtle, shimmer shades, then you can try out this one. Although, make sure to apply a primer and pack the products well or else you will end up having a sheer wash of different colours. Personally, I do not like sheer eyeshadows. But, it is an individual choice.


Swatches from 3 times application.

Like the pigmentation of the lips affects the colour payoff of lip colours, similarly the pigmentation the eyelids can affect the the final result of eye makeup.

TIP: To achieve a flawless appearance, start with concealing the veins and pigmentation, apply a primer to enhance the colour payoff and longevity and use a good brush to pack on the shades before blending.  Sometimes, applying a white matte shadow on top of the primer is also helpful in giving a pop to the less pigmented colours.


I tried to keep the post up to the point and not elongated enough to make you all confused. But, I have tried to explain each palette specifically for you to make an informed decision.

Have you tried out any of these? I would love to hear from you and to know your favourite L’Oreal or any other eyeshadow palettes for day and nightime look.


Take care my lovelies!!!



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