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Many women including me have some restrictions from experimenting with makeup. Not because we do not like to widen our spectrum, but due to the fact that we have to avoid certain things. And, YES! It is THE Oily Skin. Some may call it a boon, some call it a terror. Although suffering from combination skin that gets oily during summers, I do have a fetish for soft, subtle focus on the cheeks that is achieved only with cream blushes. I am not denying that powder blushes can not give rosy glow or natural flush as most call it, but cream blushes are superior in this aspect.Those of who have used both the types of blushes may agree with me on this.

Now, you may ask, How on earth can Shehnaz talk about using cream blushes on already melting faces, also during summers?!?!?! And, it gets even more frustrating when girls with dry to normal skin types rush to the highlighter’s department to get glowy look. You can not use anything that says highlight and do not want to look flat as well.

I understand your pain when after few hours the natural flush has either turned into a rosacea like patch or has been completely eaten away. The beauty industry too understands this and many brands have come up with their magic potions to make it easier for shinier girls to use cream blushes.

The Shining Armour- GEL/ LIQUID BLUSHES

These are almost jellies with buildable colour and many contain skin beneficial ingredients as well. These are specifically formulated to last longer and offer wide selections from shimmery to no shimmer at all.

The selection of the blushes for today’s post is mainly focused towards oily skin types as the name suggests.

I have changed my listing pattern today and the products will be mentioned from high to low in terms of their price.


Giorgio Armani Maestro Blush 52$: As much as I am cringing because of the steep price, I can not help myself putting this on the list. It is soo pigmented and long lasting. I have not purchased it yet, because the shade I wanted was out of stock. When I last went to the store, I tried on this blush. And trust me, one drop was a lot to blend it perfectly and get matte but still glowy look. I shopped around for 4 hours, had dinner and travelled back home. In short, this one lasted on my oily skin for atleast 9 hours. The only downside is the mere list of only 3 shades. If these were available in more shades, then honestly speaking, you would be done for life. These will last forever.


Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil 39$: This is another cushion based launch from Lancome and I certainly am very happy. It gives the same cooling effect like cushion foundation does, the matte finish and no pore clogging whatsoever. The shades are so gorgeous to look at and bright as well. But, on the skin these give a very natural from within glow. I would suggest you to not use the puff given. Instead, dab with your clean fingers and blend with a stippling brush. Layer if you wish. Choose from 6 shades and Splash Caramel may be used as a subtle contouring on light skin tones.


 Josie Maran Watercolor Cheek Gelee 22$: With a cream blush that is as delectable to apply as is to look at, with 50% pure coconut water, I can not rave much. Infact, I have mentioned this in my Summer Essentials Part-3 >>CLICK << as well.It has shades providing from hint of colour to full blushed effect. It gives a dewy glow that does not look oily at all. The longevity is another great factor that makes this a suitable choice. This is for all skin types and comes in 6 shades.


Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush 12.99$: Although this one comes in 3-4 shades (Options vary with country), it is a great drugstore choice that is suitable for oily girls. This has great blendable efficiency that can be applied on or before foundation and sets to a powdery matte finish. It is very light weight and easily buildable. Unfortunately, the shades are not pigmented enough to be visible on tan to darker skin tones except Coral Reef, which is very bright orangey coral that will look beautifully natural on dark skin.


Rimmel London Stay Blushed! Liquid Cheek Tint 4.49£: These tube blushes are heavenly. It seems kind of weird to squeeze out a blush, but these paste like tints are really pigmented. You honestly need very little and they set to satin to matte finish. Long lasting and 5 great shades to choose from. These are easily blendable while they are setting and for me, touch ups were not required. If you can get your hands on these, then do try out these extremely affordable, long lasting blushes. Available in pink and peach light shades.


Elf HD Blush 2$: How much can you ask for mere 2$ when it comes to good quality makeup? But, in ELF’s case, we can find so many products. One of them is this cream blush. This is not exactly in compact form, but comes out as semi liquid dispensed through a pump. If used little, these can make a pale to light skin lively and when layered, it can give blushed effect on tan to darker skin tones. This does not set to satin finish or powdery matte. Instead, these almost sink into the skin and give a real flushed effect. Comes in 3 shades of pinks and Showstopper is darkest one.

So, these are my top picks for the girls on the shiny side of skin type scale. When it is best to avoid loads of layering in summers, these blushes can help you do the trick of looking natural, healthy and glowy. IF YOU ARE STILL A BIT SKEPTICAL, THEN GIVE YOUR FACE A TOUCH OF TRANSLUSCENT LOOSE POWDER MIDDAY TO INCREASE THE LONGEVITY OF THE BLUSH. 

I hope you liked my choices and you may find it easier to make a positive decision. If you have suggestions, do let me know.

I will be seeing you all very soon.

And as always Take Care & GOOD LUCK😊…


(Image Courtesy- GiorgioArmanibeauty,ELF,JosieMarancosmetics,Lancomeusa,Rimmellondon,Revlon)


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