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For me, honest product reviews from consumers and beauty fanatics have always been a crucial step among other aspects before finalising my next purchase. Whether it is about buying a new blush or that cult favourite cleanser, product details, usage, indication and how they work for different skin types, reviews do help a whole lot to gain confidence before spending the hard earned money.

While going through my blog posts, I realised there are only two product reviews as of now. So, I decided to talk about another product that has been lying in my makeup bag for a week now.

For me, makeup comes second to skincare and it always have. But, when I do purchase something from the makeup department, I do make sure that I will be using it religiously, ofcourse with love and not out of frustration.

The MUA products have been around for quite sometime now, but I have only recently been acquainted with their wonderful formulas. So, without stretching my rambling further, let’s get into the product details.



This is a Nude shade without any shimmer particles. It comes out as a liquid lipstick that dries to satin matte finish. I can not get over the rich pigmentation of these lacquers. However, this is not suitable for wheatish to darker skin tones. It is a light nude that is mostly indicated towards lighter skin tones. Because of the beige tones, it looks more beautiful on neutral to warm undertones. That being said, it does not mean porcelain women should stay away from this shade. Makeup is all about having your own style and I live with that belief.

I really like the angled and sturdy tip because of seamless application. I use to hate the L’Oreal carrese lip glosses only because of the heart shaped tips. The packaging is a very pretty frosted glass like plastic bottle with black cap and gold fonts.


The top swatch is fresh and the bottom swatch is an hour old. I have noticed the colour does deepen after few hours. Nonetheless, this liquid lipstick is a  lovely nude shade for fair skin types. If you have pigmented lips or medium to deep skin tones then this shade will most definitely look ashy on you.


As you can see, it settles into the tiniest cracks and emphasises them. As with every lip laquer or matte lipstick, the most imperative thing is to have a flawless base. So, start off with gentle lip exfoliation and a lip primer if possible. Then apply a single but smooth and even coat to avoid blotchiness. I do not recommend going over and over again as these provide full coverage with a single coat. Also, because of the formula, multiple coat applications may start to crack and look unattractive. Even though it accentuates the lines, I did not feel like it dried my lips at all throughout the day. It stays well for six hours after drinking and eating and when it fades, I can not deny but it looks very patchy. So, make sure you reapply if that happens.

The only downside of these ultra pigmented and matte lipsticks is when they are wearing off, one must take it off completely and start fresh. I am saying this because two uneven coats will start to accentuate once the formula dries on the lips.

Overall, I am very happy I bought this. It has everything I need in a liquid lipstick. I will be purchasing different shades or lip colours from their other collections.

Have you tried these lip lacquers? What are your opinions? Do you have suggestions on a better liquid lipstick? I am curious!!

That’s it for today and I will be seeing you all very soon.

Take care beauties and GOOD LUCK.



    1. Thank you😊!! It is a great “no makeup look” kind of nude…I apply a thin layer of lip gloss on it to achieve a fuller pout..You should swatch these if you can to see which shades you like the most…Good Luck😊..xx

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