Hello My Wonderful Friends,

A couple of months ago, my lovely beau got me this body butter with an intention to help me get some relief from the dry, parched skin during the winters.

I have to admit, I have not always been loyal towards moisturising my body frequently. The consequences were not pretty, as you can imagine. Dry skin looks and feels stretchy, scaly and lacks any youthful, smooth glow.

So, as I got this body butter, I started applying it right away. I would apply it on my hands and massage it in. On my legs, initially, I slathered on the product and wore socks over it while sleeping. Overtime, I used the same process on my legs as my hands.

It comes in two sizes of 200 ml and 400 ml. I got the one in 400 ml that retails for 28£/36$. This version is not available everywhere. Instead, this body butter is sold only in the 200 ml version.

I am sure almost everyone is aware of The Body Shop body butters. However, I will briefly walk you through what the product is like.

The colour of this body butter is very much like The Body Shop British Rose Petal-Soft hand cream which is reviewed. Here >>CLICK<<

It is a white moisturiser with a hint of green instead of pink. The scent is not florally or fruity. Infact, it is very mildly scented that somewhat smells like a herbal plant. Again, not heavy on the nose and I really like it. Along with organic Olive fruit oil, this butter contains many other ingredients that not only moisturise, but improve the condition of the skin and provide antioxidant protection as well.

The consistency is very rich and unless, you live in Iceland or some place very cold, I suggest you avoid using it during the day time. And, if you wish, then use very minute amount particularly, if you live in a humid climate. As claimed, being suitable for normal to dry skin, I feel it will work well for very dry skin as well.

Let’s talk about if this body butter has been a friend or a foe or just remained an as acquaintance.


My journey with this body butter has been a relationship of love and hate. I started out using this on my hands during the day and it did not feel great. Even after massaging in the product, it does leave slippery, greasy film on the surface which makes it uneasy for me to do any kind of work. So, a complete NO for me during the daytime.

But, when applied and left over the entire night, I washed my hands the first thing after I woke up. Because, most hand creams feel great after applying and the results are immediately washed out with the first cleanse, I try this technique with every hand cream/body moisturiser. To my amazement, unlike other products, this actually made my hands soft. The rough skin on the top of my hands and the palms felt smooth, soft, certainly not stretchy and my hands looked really healthy. Healthy as in, not looking like an old lady hands because I strip the moisture by washing them numerous times. Sometimes, I even experience flaking of the skin between my hand fingers and this one has helped to keep that at bay.

The effect on the legs, especially the ankle bone, knees, toes has also been quite positive. The thickening and darkening of the skin on the drier areas has also been improved.

Even after months of usage, I have not been able to make much of a dent in this.


Gradually, I have not felt the need to apply this body butter everyday and also requires a very little amount. Now, I can happily use this throughout the year and will not have to be bothered with painfully dry skin. Given the rate and the amount of product given, this will certainly be REPURCHASED as soon as I run out of it.

Have you used THE BODY SHOP body butters? Which one is your favourite? Would you like to recommend any body moisturisers from other brands? Feedbacks are always welcomed!!

I will be seeing you all very soon..

Take Care & GOOD LUCK




  1. That’s is a really good review! I enjoyed reading it! 😊 I love The Body Shop products! I think there is at least one post a week where I talk about them. I love their body butters. Shea and olive are my favourites 😊 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊 👌

  2. I also have a love hate relationship with body butters but it depends on season and how my skin is feeling. I cannot use it during daytime if i´m wearing jeans haha that´s just a no go! But if i´m wearing a dress and need that glowy skin it´s perfect!

    Also over night after taking a shower! That´s heaven! If i want a light moisturizer i use body souffle i think or if its body whip haha can´t remember in mango anyway and it´s so light! Not greasy at all and sinks right into the skin. But it does not give as much of the rich moisturizing feeling to the skin!

    1. I totally agree the tacky feeling while wearing trousers and having greasy skin underneath..HAHA.. The Olive one is quite moisturising though.. You can try it..Thanks!!😊 xx

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