The Body Shop British Rose Petal-Soft Hand Cream

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Due to having to deal with dry hands throughout the year, I am always trying out various hand creams from different brands.

I recently made a short trip to The Body Shop and purchased few items. One of them is the product that I will be talking about today. It is from their newly launched body care and perfume range BRITISH ROSE.

This range includes the regular body care products such as shower gel, body butter, body scrub with the inclusion of some more exciting products such as instant glow body essence, bath foam and an exfoliating soap. There is also an Eau De Toilette. As per my knowledge, there is also an eye and cheek palette launched. However, the number of products launched by The Body Shop ranges varies worldwide.

One thing I must admit, that the fragrance of this range is very mesmerising, if you like rose scented products that do not smell synthetic.

Let’s begin with the review.



VALUE- 4£/Rs.350/10USD

This hand cream comes in two sizes of 30 ml and 100 ml respectively. So, the smaller size is a perfect pick for travelling or to carry around in your bag. As I said, the scent is really good and it does not make me sneeze like some other products have in the past. So for me, it has passed the “excessive nasal stimulating” product test.

I bought the 30 ml sized version to test out before spending for the larger one. The product does not claim anything miraculous except that it is non greasy and absorbs quickly, which is a good thing.

For me;


The product comes in almost white to somewhere having bit of pink tinge colour. It spreads evenly and once melted on the skin, it turns into watery emulsion. As, I spread the product, it takes less than a minute to disappear leaving a soft, smooth surface. Initially, when applied it gives a cooling sensation which feels great by the way. I have been using twice daily since I bought it and I must say it has helped to even out the texture of my hands both physically and visually.

It has a consistency of a light moisturiser and it does not feel or look greasy. If you are someone, who has issues with the oily hand creams or moisturisers, then you will definitely like this hand cream. With the addition of Shea Butter, you can expect a bit of antioxidant protection as well.

Individually, I feel this is a great product to use during the day time while we are actively working and need something to help with the stretchy feeling after repeatedly washing of hands or using hand sanitizers.

Being said that, this is certainly a NO if you are looking for a rich hand cream to help with flaky skin, eczema or dermatitis. Also, if you want something to use for the night time, then I absolutely recommend The Body Shop’s body butters, which I will be reviewing soon.

While ending the review, you might wonder, what is my final opinion on today’s product under scrutiny?

I will repurchase it only for two reasons. The first one being the scent and the second one, as an additional moisturiser to use in between washing hands because I, myself do not like greasy hands while working.

Have you tried this product? If yes, then what are your opinions?

Is there a non-greasy hand cream that you would like to suggest? Kindly, let me know in the comment box.

I will see you all very soon.

Take care you all.. GOOD LUCK










(Disclaimer- I bought this product with my own money and all the reactions/ opinions are my own. The recommendations are based on what has worked for me and based on my knowledge, who can benefit from a particular product.)

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  1. Hey.I just opened my blog and saw that you liked my posts.I am so grateful to you for it.Thankyou!!!
    I really like your blog and especially your way of writing.Looking forward to reading and liking your new posts.

  2. hey liking your blog! I fall under the category of looking for a ‘rich hand cream for eczema’ but so many of them are irritating or have that oily residue. Let me know if you have any recommendations!
    Phoebe X

    1. If you do not have oozy or extremely irritated skin that requires medical attention, then I would suggest you two things.
      Firstly, avoid heavily fragranced hand washes.
      And secondly, since you do not want a very oily feeling cream/lotion, then I suggest you to try out Avon Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Lotion and CeraVe baby moisturising lotion..Not very expensive and one of the personal favourites.
      These are effective but not as greasy as others can be. However, as much as you would hate this and I am not any different, keep a balmy product for night time use.
      Hope this helps!! If anything, you can buzz me!!
      Take care.xx

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