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As all of my followers know that we have covered two parts of our SUMMER CARE ESSENTIALS series, today is the last part and we will certainly be talking about the most essential weapon to look fresh, awake and to achieve the most simplest or fantasy look. Obviously, we are talking about makeup!!


While most of us prefer to avoid patchy makeup look while being under the melting hot sun, we surely want to look fresh and glowing. Let’s admit it, no one is gifted with baby soft and clear skin that needs no improvisation, unless you are that special human being who The Almighty has moulded more beautifully than the rest of us.

We need a bit of coverage, bit of mattifying here and bit of highlighting there and a hint of colour to prevent looking like a vampire.

Choosing the right products is the key to achieve the desired look. This time of the year needs extra skin care and is mostly despised by people who suffer from breakouts.

Even though, I wrote a whole post on skincare products that I love and suggest to use during summer, I will like to start today’s post by requesting all of you to never skip a good skincare routine just because it can be unlikely to feel great and comfortable. There are always products that cater for every skin type and condition.

Once, we are done with a good dose of sunscreen, I recommend to let it set on your face for few minutes before starting your makeup base. Also, take the leftover sunscreen to your ears, neck and décolletage.

To get a better idea about the differences in the products, so you can make a right decision for yourself, I suggest you to read the post entirely.


As for every skin base, my personal recommendation is a mattifying primer. It helps to create an even base, blurs out unslightly pores and creates a receptive(if that makes sense) surface to hold the foundation/BB to stay put for longer duration.



I like the Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment 38$ because it fulfills all the tasks of a good primer with also helping people suffering from clogged pores and associated redness. It is very light weight and gel like in texture. The ingredients will also help with soothing the skin.

If you are on a budget or just want to have a good one from the drugstore, then I suggest trying the NYX Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer 13$ in clear gel version helps to cover up the pores beautifully, mattifies, creates a smooth surface and blurs out slight fine lines which is quite a concern for most girls in their late 20’s. It is quite a steal if you like or want to have a cheaper alternative for the infamous SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER 36$




When, I do not want much coverage, but, at the same time want to look fresh, I tend to repurchase L’Oreal Paris True Match Pressed Powder 10.95$. It gives smooth, sheer coverage and it blends like a second skin. For light dusting, I apply it with a buffing brush and, I instantly look fresh and awake. With the impeccable list consisting of 33 shades and reasonable price, no one will be left out if they wish to try their hands on this gem of a product.

A staple and the only loose powder I will suggest is Makeup Forever Super Matte Loose Powder 35$. It is certainly pricey, but you hardly need any to set your makeup. And with the amount of product given, it will last you for a very long time. Another thing to note about these powders is that they come is so many shades and the company helps with choosing the right for your skin tone. It is very light weight and really helps to prevent the sliding of your precious foundations. And, why only over foundations, I have tried and can clearly claim, that it is great to just use on its own.


MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation 27$ is a silky, light weight, non streaky powder foundation. I like the natural coverage it gives and touch ups do not leave my face cakey at all. However, it not as sheer and I will not suggest layering a whole lot as sweat and humidity can make it look bit patchyAs usual, it comes in 46 shades following MAC’s impressive collection.


While many prefer to keep makeup as minimal as possible, there are also some who just can not skip a proper foundation routine. There isn’t anything wrong about it, although it is tricky to find a foundation that will stay put, not make you glisten and also will prevent giving you a straight flat appearance. To avoid these, I prefer and suggest to go with semi matte or satin finish oil free foundations.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup 40$ is neither very dewy nor powder matte and gives perfect smooth finish on the skin. Works perfectly for oily acne prone skin as well. It is not a full coverage foundation but is easily buildable. Being loaded with antioxidants, peptides and hydrating ingredients, it is a makeup and skincare in one product. Comes in 18 shades.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup 13.99$ is a cream foundation but in a light weight mousse like texture. I only opt for full coverage for an important event. But when I do, I like this one because it offers full coverage and some who do not have too many blemishes can easily skip the concealor. I often do. It gives a satin finish that can easily stay put for the entire day even in the humid conditions. Available in 12 shades.


There are two things that I tend to choose above the rest when it comes to finding the right eyeshadow when the weather is not so forgiving.


I love cream eyeyeshadows from Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow 6.99$. These are very pocket friendly, long lasting, easy application and comes in vibrant shades that are great for any look. Comes in 10 intense pigmented shades.

For a daily makeup look, I use matte to slight shimmery shades. My current favourite is L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette in Nude 19.99$ are decently pigmented, mostly mattes and few shimmery shades. The colours stand out most when I apply a primer or bit of foundation on the lids prior to the application. Due to various lights and dark shades, you can even create a brown-gold based smokey eye look.


Even though, self tanning and bronzing powders are favoured by most, some of my friends still prefer to try and achieve an innocent, fresh faced natural look.

For me, a bronzing powder should be warm and I do not mind a hint of shimmer as I do not use highlighter specifically. If I want an additional highlight, I just a pearl finished or slightly pinky eyeshadow that replicates a proper highlighter.


I like Clarins Bronzing & Blush Compact 36$ because it is like that one product which gives a very luminious bronzing effect and doubles as a blush shade. When I am using this, I only apply a separate blush if I have one that is peachy toned.

Also, a good drugstore pick is Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15 that comes in 3 shades and is not orangey. I love that is costs only 3.99$ and with such a wonderful formulation, who wouldn’t?


None wants to look like a clown with patches of blush left on the apples of the cheeks. Neither does someone want to leave their houses with a pink blushing cheek and enter an event or workplace with sweaty face with no blush at all. Remedy for this ever existing problem?? Cream blush set with a similar shade of powder blush or transluscent loose pwder.


Josie Maran Coconut WaterColor Cheek Gelee 22$is almost like an edible Gelee that you can pat on your cheeks to get a fresh, youthful look. It contains Coconut water and Argan oil to give just enough hydration. I love that it does not get blotchy and stays for many hours even in humidity. It is easily buildable which I love to create the kind of look I want. It is pricey, but you really need any and will look just like new even after few months of usage. Comes in 6 shades.

Another one I suggest is ELF HD Blush 3$ is a great drugstore steal that has 5 beautiful shades. Personally, I think even though the shades are limited, ELF has considered these blushes to cater for light to dark skin tones for a subtle hint of colour that is buildable.


Despite, claims that lip glosses are best for summers, I have to admit that I do not like the feel of a gloss when I am going to be outdoors in the harsh melting hot environment. Instead, I like tints and semi matte lipsticks.


Benefit’s Benetint and Positetint 30$ are my all time favourites because they do not dry out my lips like some have in the past. Also, I love the shades, one being a pinky one and latter being peachy toned. Sometimes, I take these during travels or vacation to avoid cluttering in my already over stocked baggage.


Regular purchases from the drugstore of mine are Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes 5.49$ in 20 shades that are mostly vibrant amd perfect for summers. Does not bleed or dry out the lips, as the name suggests, these are truly creamy mattes. Also, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 6$ in 34 shades is great collection is extremely pigmented, long lasting lipsticks. I suggest to avoid deepest shades as they tend to make lips bit on the drier end after few hours.



L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray and Set Makeup Extender Spray 16.99$ is a great setting spray at drugstore price. It is quality stuff and like other Infallible products, this one too guarantees one thing , long staying power, in this case, it helps the makeup to stay longer without mixing up, getting blotchy or eye makeup ending up looking like a racoon eye. It is light weight, absorbs faster and does not look dewy which I prefer.

Another great product is from none other than Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray 30$ that has a Temperature Control Technology and it designed to control shine, avoid the makeup looking smudgy and uneven. If you do not mind spending a bit and want your makeup to look fresh as new and avoid shine with a weightless feel, the  this one is for you.

Here, I end my SUMMER CARE ESSENTIALS. I have tried my best to assemble products from various categories and inculcated different brands, so I can achieve the goal to offer for most beauty junkie’s needs and preferences.

I know there is a lot to absorb all at once, but this is the reason I call these posts as part of a series. If, you have any confusion or suggestions, do not hesitate to let me know. I will try my best to answer your questions precisely.

I will see you guys very soon.

Take Care you all..GOOD LUCK..xoxo


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  1. I love compact powder, liner/kohl pencil and a tinted lip balm. Like that’s it, that’s all the make-up I do on a daily basis. I think I should start using mascara, concealer and blush; I want to but I get conscious that I would look too made up. Looking forward for more such posts dear.

  2. You know what I call makeup, applying mascara and putting on a light lipstick or gloss. I hate makeup. I just wash my face with face wash before applying makeup. But I have observed that if foundation and base are applied, you look great in camera. Although I know it, yet I don’t learn my lesson.
    Very lovely, detailed and helpful post.

    1. Thank you!!😊
      Even I do not always apply loads of makeup. It is not because I hate it, I just prefer to look polished more often than made up. And even though you would not like foundation, compact pressed powders are great to use.

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