Hello My Wonderful Friends!!!

I have been so busy lately and constantly on the go, that I am making my poor skin go through a really bad phase. My best friend has asked me to help her with the venue decor for her marriage and I am renovating my house.

As, you can imagine, I will definitely be going through lots of meetings and tons more of arguements, late night conversations with my best gal and so on.As much as I hate that I am not giving my skin the usual TLC, I am very happy that both of the most important responsibilites at the moment are being fulfilled. Infact, I have exceeded my expectations..  Yay!!

So, today I will be sharing with you guys what I am carrying with me (Beauty and Fashion wise) along with my purse, infinite reciepts and brochures off lately.

Let’s get started,…



  1. J by Jasper Conran Handbag: First of all, I have to admit, that I am killing this poor bag. Due to its really good and casual exterior, inner cotton lining that is made of a thick material, and the fabrication being so sturdy, I have been carrying this everywhere!! As simple as this bag looks, it really has been a savior of mine. It does hold loads of stuff and no matter how much I throw in, the bag just bares it. And, not at all exaggerating, sometimes my shoulders are crying with pain because of the weight, but this bag hasn’t budged.






2. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Natures Blush Lipstick: It does look dark in the picture, but it is the perfect beige nude. It is just like my lips but better and I love how it goes with every look and is very pigmented and creamy. It is certainly not a new edition one, but when it came out, I did buy many because there are not many nudes that actually look good on me or they look bit darker for the most natural shade that I need.

3. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Hand Cream: This is a silicone based hand cream that has saved my hands from the consequences of constant washing and sanitizing. I am crazy about washing my hands and this quick absorbing cream has worked hard to not let my hands get dry and flaky.



4. Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Hand sanitizer: If you are anything like me and love the citrusy, spicy, invigorating scents, then you would not want to miss out on this line. I just love to smell it everytime I use it. I can never leave my home without a hand sanitizer and lately, I can not get enough of this one. Perfect for summers.

5. The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Wipes: Sometimes, I am so exhausted by the end of the day, that I wipe most of the makeup on the way back home to speed things up for the night time routine. Honestly, I have used these in the middle of the day as well, when I had no option but to wash my face because of the humidity. I highly recommend to use a different cleanser for removing eye and waterproof makeup though.

6. Clinique Face Cream SPF 50: Being out in the sun and shuffling between different meetings, I am very much exposed to the hard sun rays. This is not cream though. It is just a chemical sunscreen and it hydrates me skin just enough. I really like this one because my skin get easily irritated with most sunscreens.

7. Hair Tie: Like all the girls, I do carry some hair ties because in the mid afternoon, I really can not leave my hair down. Since, I keep loosing these, I do not spend on branded ones. If you know a good reasonable brand, then please let me know!!




8. Clarks Surf Savvy Sandals: Can we dedicate a moment to the bright, eye catching colour of this pair of sandals!!!😍 I love them so much that I am planning to buy another pair, just in case if I ruin them. On so many days, these sandals have added a pop of colour to my airy, pastel shade outfits. There is also a cushioning below the heels, so while walking a lot, our heels do not pain. Very comfy and trendy.

9. Water: I have to admit, I have been without water for hours because of not carrying water from home. I am sure you can relate to me on this. We think, we will buy water after one meeting, then the other and we end feeling dizzy almost..LOL

So, there are some of my current items that are found in my bag lately. What do you always carry with you? An item that you can not leave your house without? I am curious.

I will see you all very soon…

Take care everyone and Be Happy!!



  1. Oh god, I hope you didn’t try to remove eye makeup with those Vitamin E facial wipes. It is definitely not meant for eyes. I first tried and then read the package when it began to sting *facepalm*.

    1. Nope.. I only use it for face.. That’s why I specifically mentioned to use a different cleanser for eyes.. I normally never use wipes for my eyes even though they claim to work… My eyes are really sensitive.🙁

      1. If you can get your hands on Simple facial wipes, you could try them to remove eye makeup. They are gentle for my eyes. Of course they are good for removing face makeup too 🙂 I’ve mentioned them in my Empties and Favourites posts through months.

    1. Yea, me too!!! Some of the Clinique products are always in my vanity, unless, ofcourse if I run out them…What’s your favourite Clinique product as of now???

    1. Thank you so much lovely!!! I love my flats so much, I am planning to buy another pair, if, incase the older ones are no longer wearable…Thank you for stopping by and your consideration😚💕❤️💗💗

    1. Yea… Cleansing wipes are sooo important.. Sometimes, I even use them to wipe the dirt and grime on the hands collected from long travels, when getting tap water is not easily accessible. Huge Totes are a must for me..I don’t know how, But I tend to have loads of stuff in my bag..LOL..

    1. Last weekend, I paired these with a crisp white shirt and blue ripped jeans.. Got complimented a lot!!! Fashion is about having one’s own style and not just blindly following a trend. Right???

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