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So, today’s post will be my share of some of the products that offer more than one purpose. I strongly feel that these products should be a part of our skincare and makeup not only in terms of money saving, but also to speed up our routines and occupying less space in the vanity.

These have wonderful benefits and do not make us compromise on care of the skin and aesthetic appearance.






I like the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil for its silkiness and the luxurious luminosity of the skin after applying this oil. It gives me subtle healthy glow that radiants supple skin.  It is loaded with nourishing and repairing ingredients that help with dry, dehydrated skin.

For those extra dry skin days, I turn myself towards The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil. I apply it on elbows,knees, tips of the hair and weekly massage it on my legs and hands for lymphatic drainage and relaxation.





Petrolatum is also referred to as mineral oil is an excellent skin conditioning agent that creates an occlusive film on the skin and helps to retain the moisture. People with excessively parched skin can benefit a lot from this ingredient. It is suitable for everyone including infants. It may come as a surprise to some, but, it is also recommeneded by dermatologists for skin several conditions .

For regular use, I like Eucerin Original Healing Cream that also has an anti-bacterial agent and is used by many parents on new borns.

I suggest everyone should have a pot of Vaseline Original Skin Jelly as it has so many uses and is still one of my saviour when my lips are going in to a dry desserted zone.





These tinted versions of heavily vitamin packed eye creams are great concept when you want to just slightly enhance your under eye area without having to buy a tinted moisturiser. I do not use comcealors and prefer to just blur slight imperfections. These tinted eye creams and bit of pressed powder does the job done on a daily basis.

For true anti ageing benefit, I like the Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream + touch of concealor. It contains peptides, niacinamide, green tea, Vitamin E to name a few.

For an everyday use, Tinted Wonder Eye Cream from Balance Me is a great option. It helps to de puff under eye bags and detoxifies with Cucumber seed oil. It has strong antioxidants like rosehip oil and arctic cloudberry seed oil. Works a great make-up base as well.




Nowadays, many brands are coming out with their version of hydrating mists or waters. They soothe, refresh, set the makeup among other benefits. This concept initiated from Avene from France where natural spring water is used for many ailments since hundreds of years. Avene Thermal Spring Water is spring water filtered through the mineral rich mountains making it full of minerals and trace elements found naturally. It has soothing effect when speayed and helps to calm down irritation. Suitable for most sensitive of skins. It is a regular in my Summer Skincare Products which I posted about previously. You can read the post here >> CLICK<<

I like this hydrating mist from Caudalie called Beauty Elixir which is mainly composed of organic 100% grape water with other soothing ingredients. This one is must have in most beauty editor’s and model extraordinnairre’s purses and makeup artist’s kit.









The apparant pioneer in the US continent for tints is Benefit’s Benetint. It has a tint like a popsicle that gives natural flush of colour and beautiful youthful glow that looks like you have just had an intense workout.

A recent find is the Vincent Longo Lip and Cheek Gel Stain that has a brush applicator and is also advised to use alone and on other products as well.

I love these for their multi usage and the effect they have when applied.



A big Thank You to the french for sharing these magical waters with us. These work as makeup removers, cleanse, tone and just refresh during a long travel.

I love many along with the budget friendly Garnier Micellar Water that is named by many users as a cheap alternative to the infamous Bioderma Sensibio H2O. It is fragrance free and Hypoallergenic.

If you are among those who love roses in their every form, then Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with rose petals will be your best buddy. It has light refreshing scent and gives cooling effect when wiped on the skin.





How can I forget this wonder that has innumerable benefits when applied topically and added to smoothies, stir fries and even baking. It’s fatty acid content is so high that makes it an exquisite moisturiser for both skin and hair. I use it regularly as a base for my homemade scrubs. Just look for extra virgin and organic version to reap the best nutrition content.

So, that’s it for this post my lovely friends. Hope you enojyed reading and found some new products to add to your vanity.

Do you use any multipurpose products? Which one is your favourite? Do let me know as always I will be delighted to receive your feedback and comments.

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(Image Courtesy- Wanelo,Respective Brands)



  1. coconut oil is one of my absolute FAVOURITE beauty products…one use i find it perfect for is to help get rid of under eye bags 🙂 loving your posts, they’re really informative and you can tell you put a lot of effort into them x

    1. Thanks love…I can’t express how happy it makes me feel that someone really understands the effort that goes in writing each post…I am so very grateful… 😚❤️ and it encourages me to try even harder…

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