Beauty & Makeup Hacks For Budget Beauties

Hello My beautiful people!!

I am back today with a post that has everything.. well not everything..but something that might be already utilised by you guys, my lovely beauties in your routines.

As the name of the post suggests, all the things mentioned down here are hacks of some kind related to beauty. If you want tips or are trying to save your buck, then, please keep reading.

Shall we start?? I think so, yes!!

  1. If you need a smoother canvas and have ran out of your regular scrub, add sugar and bit of honey or lemon juice(just a drop or two) to your regular cleanser and use it as a scrub. It will gently slough off the dead cells and instantly give a polished, smooth look and feel.

2.Make strong black coffee and as it cools, pour it into ice cubes. Take out as and when needed to instantly de puff around the eyes, jawline and anywhere, where you need to get a quick slimming down action.(This is a temporary effect but quite functional).


3.Create a deep conditioning masque by adding coconut oil to your favourite conditioner and use as pre wash treatment.





4.For “Angelina Jolie” like lips, do a DIY scrub using sugar, honey, and bit of chilli and cinnamon powder. Scrub gently for five minutes and wash off.( You can keep the scrub on for few more minutes if you can manage the heat). You will be surprised how plump your pout will be. (Do understand that this is a temporary effect for that night out or special occasion).



5.While being on a budget, it is hard to have an extensive makeup collection. It is nothing to be ashamed of nor it means that you can not look your best. Skip the highlighter and just use a cream blush with little shimmer(not in your face glitter) and set it ever so slightly with a loose powder if you are an oilier girl.


6.Ran out of your favourite eye liner? Your budget is not allowing you to make another purchase? Fret no more… Just use an angled liner brush and take the product out of your mascara wand and get that perfect flick!!

7.Who needs another sheer lipstick to get benefits of balm+ lipstick+ gloss?? We can make our own customised version at home.. Just cut off about half an inch of your favourite red or any highly pigmented lipstick and take equal amount of our dear old vaseline..Gently warm it in a spoon using a lit candle for the lipstick to emulsify. Mix together with a tooth pick or wooden stick and store it in an old mini vaseline case or something that has been sterilized and VOILA!!! Your very own tinted lip balm or sheer lipstick.

8. Don’t bother with the curling iron. Just twist your hair sections on your regular flat iron and get loose or tight curls, whatever that pleases you.

9. Why to buy two different products than the one that does two jobs? Skip the leave in and use a moisturising heat protectant.

10. And last but certainly not the least, do not waste your expensive dearest perfume by spraying over you many times a day. Apply bit of vaseline to inside of your wrist, behind your ear,  base of your throat( vertically below your jawline) and on the back of the knee and then spray over it.. The fragrance will last longer as vaseline is not water, hence, will not evaporate.

So these are my favourite hacks/tips for girls on budget or those beauties who love to experiment and just enjoy the broad perimeters of beauty and more..

All of the above mentioned hacks are a staple in my household and popular among friends.. I am sure you will benefit something by using all or any of these tricks.. I will be delightful to know if these tips turn out to be helpful for you.. Let me know which one’s your favourite..

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