Hello My Beautiful People!!

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to the current makeup obsession. “CUSHION COMPACTS”. For those of you who are recently acquainted with the Korean makeup, then do not get confused with the fancy names and packaging. Basically, these are sponges soaked in liquid foundations stored in a compact.

Now, you must be wondering that a cushion compact is something like an angel fallen of the heaven that is nothing less than a MIRACLE, then stop right there and rewind.

Saturating sponges with liquids contained in a box is not new in the beauty industry. Long before nail polish remover manufacturers have started to use this technique. Like a foundation steeped in a sponge, nail polish removing formulas are steeped as well. We dunk our fingers and swirl and VOILA!!
As we cannot dunk our faces, the compact is supplemented with another flat sponge or puff.
It was the percipience of a great formula developer and product designer who brought upon using the similar liquid in sponge technology for foundations.( Which is now used for blushes and lip colours as well.) Amore Pacific also has a sunscreen in the cushion format. As claimed that cushion compacts are Korean invention, I do have to inform you guys who may not know or remember that drugstore brand Almay once used this technique and developed a foundation and a blush. The only drawback was they did not contain an applicator without which people did not seem to be reaching out for them. Korean brands took this to a different level and came up with this current concept. It’s kind of like a resurrection.

( I was recently informed about this by an Aunt who once bought an Almay blush and quite liked it. She was reading about everyone going ga ga about this Korean infamous product and told me about Almay.)

Basically, the structure of all the cushion compacts is pretty much the same. A circular box that has two compartments and a mirror. As we open the lid, there is a puff applicator held by a hinged cover and , after opening the cover, there is a thick sponge with many pores with liquid foundation underneath. As we press the sponge, the liquid starts to saturate the sponge and we use press and pat motion to apply.

While we have already covered the design, lets talk about the product.

What’s so unique about these current cult favourite beauty magicians is in the foundations and the technique of application. It’s liquidly, light weight, providing sheer coverage formula that is easily buildable is something to be appreciated.
Another reason why it is so popular is because you can touch up during the day and you don’t need a foundation brush, beauty blender and again a stippling or buffing brush.
Going further beyond, some companies have included several skin loving ingredients that provide hydration, moisturisation, antioxidant care, lightening minor dark spots and helping to achieve luminious skin tone. As most of the formulas are moisturising and gives “dewy effect”, another versions are manufactured to address the oilier skin types. They includes light diffusing powders, silicones or oil absorbing ingredients to provide long lasting coverage. Most of the bb cushions/ cushion compact foundations/ compact cushion whatever you like to call them come with High Sun Protection Factor(SPF), but, I would advise to still apply a decent layer of sunscreen underneath.
Most brands claim their formula and application puff are bacteria resistant.

Amore Pacific revealed their water in oil formulation is such that the saturated sponge will not breed germs. 

Lancome guarantees, the puff applicator does not need to be washed during its lifetime of use.

Laneige declares that their puff is antibacterial and one of its kind with dual structure, hence, advises to not fold or wring the puff while washing.


Overall, my final verdict is these are travel friendly, provide natural coverage, and are extremely light weight on the skin with the bonus of skin caring and repairing ingredients. Provides high UV protection and many brands provide extra refill with the purchase.

These are definitely going to stay for sometime now and we shall be seeing lot more brands jumping on the wagon and using this innovation in other products as well. Though, I would like to point out that your skincare routine should not be affected or adjusted just because cushion compacts contain beneficial ingredients. Combination to oilier skin types can, however, skip the moisturisers during the day time.

Have you tried any cushion compact yet? What are your opinions? I would definitely like to know.









(Image Courtesy: innisfree)




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