Winter Skin Alert!!!Simple Solutions to combat dry, flaky skin.

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When the winter strikes, beautiful snowfall and snuggly fashionable jackets go hand in hand. We rush to buy latest booties, most impeccable berry shade lipsticks and divulge in heart warming soups…What we all forget is our SKIN..Consequently our minds are diverted to dealing with the consequent stretchy and dull skin. It is not an easy peasy task as it may appear to some. The constant need to pile on heavy moisturisers, dealing with roughness despite scrubbing every other day and ending up with a wrecked skin, that is dry, inflamed and uneven toned is nobody’s idea of an awesome winter break SELFIE..

First, lets get to know a little bit more about what DRY SKIN really is.

Human skin is basically of four types with varied oil and moisture content.Skin that is low in moisture and oil content is called DRY SKIN.

Individuals having dry skin need specific skincare regime that includes certain ingredients and products to improve the condition from inside out.

Lets start with CLEANSING as it is the first step for every good skincare regime.

Almost everyone including me do enjoy the squeaky clean feeling after washing our faces. However, it is best to avoid such cleansers during winter. Again, moisture factor is important and cleansers indicated for sensitive skin types too can work perfectly.

If dealing with pore clogging issues, then avoid cleansers with heavy emollients.

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Next step is EXFOLIATING!!

Dry skin has a compromised barrier, hence, it is preferable to use either physical or chemical exfoliants targeted for dry skin. As these exfoliants have gentle scrubbing ingredients and have moisturising factors, they will help in sloughing off dead skin cells thoroughly yet being less abrasive. DO NOT scrub everyday as the resulting skin could be irritated and can make matters worse. Look for ingredients like lactic acid that gently exfoliate and moisturise the skin at the same time.

Finally, the LEAVE ON PRODUCTS..

Oils are among the best friends when it comes to providing suppleness to the skin. However, some dry skin individuals also suffer from acne at some level. So the best bet is to look for non-comedogenic oils like Avocado oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil and etc, that are safe for ALL SKIN TYPES.You can either buy a product with 100% single ingredient oil or combination of different oils to get more benefits out of one product.

An important ingredient in moisturisers to look for is a HUMECTANT. Glycerin, panthenol( Pro Vitamin B5), sorbitol, hyaluronic acid are all excellent humectants. This means they absorb moisture from the environment and holds it into the skin.One recent study found that after 10 days of treatment with a cream that was 20 percent glycerin, volunteers saw an increase in corneometer values, a measurement used to measure the hydration levels of your skin [International Journal of Cosmetic Science].

The area around our eyes or as clinically called as peri-orbital area, is the most sensitive part of our face and during the change in weather, it can get itchy and sore. Please do avoid heavily scented eye creams atleast during this time of the year. Gentle face moisturisers too can be used around the eye area if you do not wish to buy a separate product.

Finally, our pretty pouts do suffer a lot due to cracking and in worse cases bleeding. Products that contain mineral oil, beeswax, lanolin are all great that provide long term comfort and suppleness. If you are vegan or prefer vegan skincare products then look for ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil and almond oils.

If you live in an indoor heating environment, do use a humidifier to avoid getting your skin from getting stripped of its natural moisture balance.

ALSO, do make a habit of DRINKING LOTS OF WATER to keep our body hydrated.

Hope these tips do help you in achieving a youthful glow even in the harshest of the weathers.

I shall leave you guys on a friendly note and wish you all the very best!! xoxo.








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